Sasha is the main villain of the 2001 film Behind Enemy Lines. He is a Bulgarian sniper workingh as a mercanary for the Bosnian-Serb Srpska paramilitary organization. He is seen is a heartless being, willing to finish the job and complete his duty for his comrades. 

Air Force pilot Chris Burnett is flying his fighter jet over Bosnia as the final stages of the Bosnian War begin to unfold in 1995.  While flying, Sasha and his men spot the two fighter jets from America overhead. Sasha activates the missile launcher and begins firing several missiles. Chris's friend dies from the missile hitting his craft and Chris Burnett is shot down by the Serbian paramilitaries.

After Stakehouse was killed by Serb rebels, Chris escapes and begins fleeing from the Serbs. Sasha's friend named Bazda eventually goes hunting for Chris, and Sasha follows suit. After the long hunt, the Serb paramilitaries finally believe the've located Burnett's body, but Sasha immiadetely finds out that the dead body what from a dead Serbian soldier. Sasha comes up with a scheme to convince the Americans that Burnett is dead as Burnett switched clothes with the dead Serb soldier. 

Eventually, Bazda steps on a land mine and dies. Sasha abanones him and continues his hunt for Burnett. Afterwards, Sasha locates Burnett and both men get into a fight, wirh Burnett stabbing and killing Sasha in the end. Eventually General Lokar, a Serb general opens fire at Burnett. Burnett escapes as NATO aircraft rescue him. They open fire at the Serb soldier and defeat them.


  • He is portrayed by Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov,.
  • Sasha would inspire the design of Grand Theft Auto IV's Niko Bellic.
  • Because of GTA, Sasha has been seen as the true antagonist of the film Behind Enemy Lines.