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Sartana of the Dead is the main antagonist of El Tigre.

Sartana is the most dangerous villain in El Tigre and is (apparently) the head of organized crime in Miracle City and Mannys/ El Tigres arch- nemesis. She is the one who gave Manny Rivera his scar. She is a skeleton and uses her mystical guitar to raise skeleton villains. And everytime her guitar is destroyed, she and her soldiers collapse into dust. In one episode, she was scheduled to wed Puma Loco, but does not. She found the seventh string for her mystic guitar, which will allow her to bring the forgotten dead to life and destroy Miracle City for good. After some attempts of playing the guitar fail, she smashes it down in frustration. This finally allows the forgotten dead to rise up out of ther graves and form a giant monster. They eventually stop in a town filled with dead townspeople and Dia de Los Muertos decorations. Frida is amazed at all the dead stuff, while Manny realises they are in the Land of the Dead.


Breaking the laws of nature by raising dead people.

Repair herself

Able to manipulate others

has great guitar playing skills

and so forth.


Manny Rivera/El Tigre

  • Frida
  • Rodolfo/Whie Pantera

Puma Loco (Ironic,they were scheduled to marry)

Zebra Donkey


  • Skeleton Soldiers