Sarmoti is the main antagonist of Father of the Pride. He is Kate's father, Larry's father-in-law, Sierra and Hunter's grandpa, and Tracy's boyfriend.

He was voiced by Carl Reiner.



Sarmoti used to be part of Siegfried and Roy's show until one day, it was decided that Sarmoti should retire. This soon resulted in Larry replacing him as the new star, much to Sarmoti's discomfort.

In Father of the Pride

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Sarmoti was faithful to his former job as Siegfried and Roy's star attraction. After retiring, Larry was chosen to replace Sarmoti, which is why Sarmoti doesn't like his son-in-law and tortures him every chance he gets.


  • In real life, Sarmoti is a female lion.
  • His name stands for Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible.
  • As the former star attraction, Sarmoti had hair; after retiring from his job, Sarmoti became bald. It is unknown how, but he presumably shaved as he aged.