Evil Sarita
Sarita is a former TNA Knockout and a former two-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She was in TNA from 2009-2013, and she spent the latter half of her tenure competing as a villainess.

After she and Taylor Wilde lost the Knockouts Tag Team Championship in 2010, Sarita began her heel transformation by helping her partner defeat Daffney, and then insisting to Taylor that she didn't need her in her match against the same opponent. After she lost to Daffney on Xplosion, Sarita attacked Daffney, but she was stopped by Taylor, On July 1, Sarita turned into a villainess by attacking Taylor in a backstage segment. She shouted at Taylor constantly; proclaiming that she was tired of losing matches and that Taylor didn't care about her. Sarita cheated her way to victory over Taylor on Xplosion, and they faced each other once again in a Street Fight on Impact. During their match, the evil Sarita stated that it was finally time for her to shine and she referred to Taylor as dead weight. Sarita went on to win the match after choking Taylor out with a purse strap. After the match, Sarita laughed evilly as she celebrated her latest victory over her former tag team partner.

Sarita then started targeting Velvet Sky, beginning with a backstage attack towards her that rendered Velvet unable to team with Angelina Love in a match for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Sarita won a series of matches against Velvet, but lost to Velvet in a match that carried a stipulation that would have seen Velvet's career end had she lost.

In 2011, Sarita aligned with her (kayfabe) cousin, Rosita, and both of them aligned with Hernandez and Anarquia to form the anti-American faction known as Mexican America. It was during this role that Sarita won the tag titles with Rosita, and she would feud with KOs such as Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, and ODB. In her last appearance on TNA in 2012, Sarita and Rosita tried to seduce Eric Young away from his wedding to ODB, but they were unsuccessful. Sarita was released from TNA in 2013.

As a villainess, Sarita was mostly a bully to other KOs, especially Velvet Sky, and she showed a tremendous amount of arrogance and viciousness in her feud with Taylor Wilde.