Out of all the Dark Jedi I have met, Sariss is the one I can say... I fear. Powerful, strong in both the physical and mental arenas of the Force, she is a master, a perfectionist, quiet and reserved. This makes her a very dangerous foe.
~ Qu Rahn as a Force ghost, to Kyle Katarn about Sariss
Sariss, also known as "Prophetess", is the secondary antagonist of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. She was a Force-sensitive Human female who was raised by the Prophets of the Dark Side and trained in the arts of the Dark Side of the Force and she eventually turned into Dark Jedi as a result. She later aligned herself with the Galactic Empire and became an Inqusitor as well as the apprentice of Jerec. She aided the latter in his quest for the Valley of the Jedi after the empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor.


Sariss was born on the ancient Sith world of Dromund Kass to her mother Cronal, a Prophet of the Dark Side, but she wasn't aware that he was her father. She was raised by the Prophets of the Dark Side on Dromund Kass in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force and eventually turned into a Dark Jedi as a result of her upbringing. She would later enter into the ranks of the Inquisitorius and met Jerec, one of the prominate Inquisitors, and ended up becoming his apprentice as a result. Because Cronal had adhered to a dark creed of nihilism, the mere existance of his daughter had shocked him and it was a tribute to creation rather than destruction. In response, Sariss was disavowed by her father and was even captured and became a victim of carnal relations, a practice of ritual rape, of which Cronal both allowed the prophets to conduct and even took part in himself. 

Sariss later traveled to Tatooine sometime after the horrific event where she assumed the alter-ego of Prophetess while on the planet. She collaborated with the Imperial governor, Tour Aryon, where she posed as a local fortune teller as a cover for her true job as a spy for the Secret Order of the Empire. As a fortune teller, she had claimed that Wuher was the reincarnated soul of Cedo Partu. Wuher himself, had not allowed Sariss to enter his cantina, and she made the reincarnation claim to get back at him. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Sariss had trailed Jabba the Hutt as part of her espionage and his bodyguards to Docking Bay 94 in Mos Eisly. 

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