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Sargon is a minor villain from SaGa Frontier 2. A adventurer and skilled swordsman, Sargon goes to the Quarrysite with his friends Gretta and Watts to find the source of a swarm of monsters which were plaguing the land. There, he meets with Fake Gustave, who offers to help him, but he refuses after his friends grow suspicious of him. He finds a puzzle room on the place, but as he solves it a huge amount of Anima flows into him, making him to fall unconscious while his friends are turned into slimes. When he wakes up, Fake Gustave greets him and explains that he has gained unimaginable power. Sargon then becomes the Fire Lord, the first of Fake Gustave's Edelritters.


The Fire Lord

After Fake Gustave and his men are defeated in the Battle of South Moundtop, they retreat to the northern continent and into the Last Megalith. Wil and Ginny Knights follow them there, eventually metting with Sargon, who was set ablaze. Knowing he would soon merge with The Egg, Sargon explains to them the origins of the megaliths and quells, then morphs into the Fire Lord to fight them, but is ultimately defeated.

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