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The Sargasso

The Sargasso

The Sargasso (サーガッソ, Saagasso) are floating skull demons and enemies in both Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2.

Those low class demons takes the shape of the Laughing Skull fiend. Their chilling laughter can freeze solid those that are unlucky enough to hear such laugh they should never hear. They drift and hide between the edges of the seas of Earth and the sea of the Demon World, waiting for stray wanderers and unwary prey they shall attack and harvest upon their souls. The spirits of the victims are destined (or one can say "damned") to wander the endless sea of the Underworld for eternity. They are cunning foes, for they move swiftly and can only show themselves when attacking.

Though they are deadly to most mortal humans, they are merely a nuisance to the devil hunter Dante who first encountered them on Mallet Island, as he can kill them quite easily with a few hits.

Vie de Marli clan member Lucia, an ally of Dante's, later encountered and evaded these haunting phantom skulls within the underground ruins of an ancient temple during her search for the Arcana Calice.



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