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Sarcev Quest

Sarcev Quest is a character from the Star Wars franchise. He was a Human male who served as one of the Emperor's Hands, an elite cadre of Force-using agents answerable only to Galactic Emperor Palpatine. As a young man, Quest was a member of the Jedi Order, but did not continue on the path to knighthood, instead being assigned to the Agricultural Corps. It was there that he was personally discovered by then—Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Quest began to work secretly for Palpatine on a variety of projects, becoming known as the "Chancellor's Hand". When the Republic transitioned into the Galactic Empire, with Palpatine as the new Emperor, Quest became a noted member of the Imperial Court, eventually becoming accepted into the Imperial Ruling Council. In this capacity, he was also able to spy on Palpatine's political enemies. However, when Palpatine died in the Battle of Endor, Quest seized his opportunity to take power. He manipulated the Ruling Council into supporting the Force-sensitive Royal Guard Carnor Jax as a new leader, gaining a great deal of political power in the process.

When Palpatine returned in 10 ABY, resurrected through the use of a series of clone bodies, Quest returned to his service, but maintained his own loyalties. He had grown fond of the power that he had acquired before Palpatine's return and resolved to eliminate his former master. Using funds obtained from traitorous elements within the Ruling Council, Quest and Jax bribed the Emperor's personal physician to sabotage Palpatine's clones, decreasing their lifespan and accelerating the Emperor's death. With Palpatine gone, Quest and Jax quickly seized power, but their rule was short-lived. Jax was killed by the loyalist Kir Kanos as revenge for his role in Palpatine's death, and without Jax's support, Quest was thrown out of the Ruling Council and went into hiding to avoid loyalist Imperials seeking revenge. In 23 ABY, Quest was captured by bounty hunter Ailyn Vel who turned him over to another former Emperor's Hand Jeng Droga, in exchange for a 100,000 credit bounty. Droga personally executed Quest for his role in the Emperor's death.