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Sinister Sara
Sara Campbell is the main villainess from Unnatural History's pilot episode.

She was played by Rosa Labordé.

Sara Campbell was the assistant to Dante Morneau, who died suddenly of a heart attack. Henry Griffin suspects that he was murdered, and he and his cousin, Jasper Bartlett, go on the case after learning that Dante had found a missing Civii War submarine that continued millions in gold.

Once the find the treasure, they encounter Sara and her henchmen; turning Sara heel and revealing herself as Dante's killer. Sara killed Dante with a poison dart after finding out about the treasure, looking to claim it for herself. The boys later fight the villains in the office and onto the rooftop. The henchmen are eventurally subdued, but after that, the evil Sara appeared and attempted to shoot a poison dart at Henry; the same one that killed Dante. Henry catches it and hurls it at Sara, who begins to succumb to the effects. Not wanting to let Sara die, Henry cures her with a centipede, and Sara and her henchmen are later arrested for Dante's murder.


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