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Sapphire Stagg is a character appearing in Beware the Batman. She first appeared in Toxic.



In Toxic, Sapphire was in love with Rex Mason, a security guard in the employ of her father; entrepreneur Simon Stagg. Stagg disapproved of Sapphire's relationship with Mason because of his occupation and tested Project Metamorpho on Mason that mutated him. Despite the fact that Sapphire loved Mason, she couldn't bring herself to be with him after his mutation. Sapphire thought Batman was responsible because of her father's lies until Batman showed her the video of her father being the culprit. Sapphire then fled from her father crying at his betrayal.

In Monsters, Sapphire took over Stagg Industries due to her father Simon Stagg being arrested. Sapphire hired a group of thugs and outfit them with military armored exoskeletons that her company designed in order to terrorize Old Gotham. This would allow Stagg Industries to purchase the property at a cheap price and redevelop it. Saphire was unaware that Mason (who was dubbed as the Golem of Old Gotham) was thwarting her attempts, and eventually the thugs are stopped by Mason Batman and Katana. Batman soon figures out Sapphire's involvement after visiting her father in prison and that the armor suits were made by Stagg Industries. Sapphire told Batman she had no concrete proof of her involvement and Batman threatens her "not to become my enemy". As Batman leaves, Sapphire asks if Mason was the "Golem of Old Gotham", but Batman coldly tells that Mason died because of his father and warned him to never come near the neighborhood again unless she wants to end up in a cell next to Simon.


In this series, Sapphire is portrayed as a sociopath unlike in the comics and other media. Sapphire still loves Mason despite his transformation though, unfortunately, she was willing to hurt innocent people to prove her abilities in business to her father.


Sapphire is a woman who has long blonde hair that stretches to her shoulders. She wears a white tank top and a black skirt with a black belt. She has long legs and wears black high heels. She has blue eyes, wears white earrings, has pink lips, and has pink nails. Sapphire also wears a pink nightgown when she goes to sleep.


Beware The Batman

  • Toxic
  • Monsters


  • She's not married to Java like in the comics.
  • She was never a villain in the comics
  • She still has the hots for Rex
  • Sapphire did what Roland Daggett did by attacking the place where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered. Bruce looks at her in disgust just like with Daggett since that site is meaningful to Bruce and his transformation into Batman.

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