The Sapphire Dragon is a very dangerous Shen Gong Wu, only to be used as a last resort. The Sapphire Dragon was, as the name implies, a sapphire dragon in the form of a small statue until activated, at which time it would turn into a larger living dragon. When activated, it breathes magical fire on its victims which turns them into sapphire statues. Said statues would then be re-animated under the dragon's control. It first revealed itself inside an active volcano. At the time it was known as the Black Dragon due to being covered in soot. It was activated by accident, as Kimiko wiped off the soot. Strangely for a Shen Gong Wu the dragon had a personality; it did not try to attack Dojo until he clawed its underbelly which apparently hurt. It would later return fused with the Shadow of Fear by Hannibal Roy Bean being a sapphire jellyfish. It would ultimately be defeated when Hannibal Roy Bean himself was defeated.


The Sapphire Dragon was malevolent, quiet, cunning, and a frightful being of chaos. Yet it did seem to have some bit of respect for its fellow dragons', as it did not try to attack Dojo until Dojo accidentally damaged it. It hesitated and examined the threat level of Dojo, showing that it did to an extent have intelligence.

Powers and Weaknesses

While with each new victim its power grew. it seemed to have a limit to how much power it could use at once, as it hesitated before attacking Dojo right after attacking Clay. Its biggest weakness was soot. If covered in soot it will become a harmless bauble, and cannot harm anything. Also, its minions were also effected by soot, gaining a small portion of their free will for mere moments, and were exposed to incredible pain. Also while most of its body was solid sapphire, its under belly was either vulnerable to attack (it wasn't strong enough to defend against Dojo after just two victims), or dragon claws were sharp enough to pierce sapphire and harm the dragon.


  • It is still unknown, for the reasons why Grand Master Dashi created the Sapphire Dragon along Mala Mala Jong.
    • The Sapphire Dragon is a evil Shen Gong Wu and has a mind of it's own.
    • And Mala Mala Jong is a Heylin demon made of Shen Gong Wu.



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