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Petz, I'm sorry...
~ Saphir's dying words (Viz dub)

Saphir is the younger brother of Prince Diamond, and a commander in the Black Moon Clan.


90s Anime

He is in love with Prizma.

Sapphire gave Emerald crystal objects called Dark Wedges to help her take over Tokyo, but all her plans were foiled.

Sapphire suspected Wiseman of manipulating them, especially after Wiseman brought about the death of Emerald. Soon, his suspicions were confirmed and he stole a chip Wiseman was using to power the dark crystal, and then attempted to warn Diamond, but was attacked and nearly killed by Wiseman. The Negamoon Sisters found him and took him to their house to recover from his injuries. Sapphire tried to tell Diamond about Wiseman's evil plan, with the Sailor Scouts attempting to stop Wicked Lady from hurting him, but Wiseman shot him with two energy blasts, the second succeeding in killing him. When the bandages on his head fell off, the dark crescent moon on his forehead vanished.

Sapphire has never been seen using any attacks in the anime.



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