Sao Feng is a supporting antagonist in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. The Pirate Lord of Singapore, Sao Feng has long hated Captain Jack Sparrow from some previous encounter with the legendary pirate.


Meeting up in Singapore, Sao Feng first appeared and had a captain of the guards named Tai Huang. Meeting up later, Sao Feng was seen who was going to battle with James Norrington to fight Davy Jones. Sao Feng mistakenly thought that Elizabeth was the human incarnation of the sea goddess Calypso, and tried to seduce her, but he was hit by the shrapnel of a cannonball and impaled on a large shard of the broken ship.


There is a LEGO minifigure of him, but only appeared in the video game.
SaoFeng Lego

In the LEGO game

Part 3 DVD
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