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Santana is the leader of the Tikbalangs and was an antagonist in the Philippine TV Series, Juan Dela Cruz . He vowed to avenge his father who he believes was sentenced to death by the Engkanto Kingdom. When the portal between the realm of the Tikbalangs and Engkantos opened (by Agor ) he kidnapped the Engkanto princess Mirathea and stormed the Engkanto palace and made demands, such as keeping the portal open, cede half of the Engkanto Kingdom under his rule in exchange for princess Mirathea's life. He had a change of heart after a close encounter with the Tagabantay, when Juan Dela Cruz realized the difference of justice and vengeance. He later met his father, Lazaro who was actually still alive as the later was acquitted of his crimes. Even with his bitter past he still crack jokes even to his enemies.

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