Sansha Kuvakei

Sansha Kuvakei

"I am the messiah that you turn against.

You persecuted me, hunted my children, vowed to burn my promised land to ash.

But I have returned, and I know you better than you know yourself.

I will vanquish your fear, and commute your flesh... to dust."

- Sansha, spoken during the Eve Online: Incursion trailer

Sansha Kuvakei is the de-facto all-around villain of Eve Online, a space-themed MMORPG by CCP Games. He is the founder and leader of the splinter group named Sansha's Nation.


Sansha generated himself a sizable fortune as an arms manufacturer for the Caldari State during the Gallente-Caldari War, using a portion of it to buy out a group of star systems which would eventually become his nation. People from all walks of life joined Sansha's Nation, attracted by his charm, wealth and fame. Sansha himself was thought of as a savior, promising to build a utopia with him as their ultimate leader.

However, Sansha's vision of a utopia was very different than the public. He soon began forcing his citizens to install specialized neural implants, turning them into mind-controlled workers called True Slaves. Members that had specialized skills in science and military were outfitted with less controlling implants that granted them more free will. These people were dubbed True Citizens.

The Nation was eventually destroyed by the four main empires: Gallente Federation, Caldari State, Amarr Empire, and Minmatar Republic in a combined assault; the motives for doing so varied from economical, ethical and political reasons. A body was recovered that matched Sansha's DNA and appearance, so he was presumed dead and his nation defeated.

However, Sansha returned to the public eye, with his empire rebuilt. The most popular theory for this drastic recovery is that Sansha transferred his consciousness to a clone hidden in deep space moments before his base was destroyed. Soon after, wormholes appeared all throughout civilized space, with Nation ships using them to abduct civilians from planetary colonies. With the help of local capsuleers (players), the Nation's incursions were driven back, but not before taking hundreds of thousands of people. To this day, the public fears when Sansha's Nation will strike again.

The Nation

Over 99% of Sansha's Nation are True Slaves, the remainder are True Citizens who oversee the various sectors needed to maintain the empire. True Slaves are thoroughly brainwashed, forcibly removing their implants subjects with an incurable hunger for death, their own or otherwise.

Although the four empires all oppose the Nation, the Gallente Federation hate them the most as their enslavement methods vastly contradict their ideas of freedom and liberty.

The technology that the Nation uses is very advanced, in some respects eons ahead of the other races. An example of this is the fact that they have conquered a portion of Jove Empire space, which has sparked great concern among the empires.