Sankuro Yorozu

Sankuro Yorozu is the mid-boss from Samurai Shodown V.

Sankuro is a street thug, having three goons who follow him around. He joined Gaoh's rebellion, but secretly plotted to kill him so he could become the new lord of Hinowa. He secretly hired Genjuro Kibagami to kill Gaoh, so as to keep his facade. After Gaoh's defeat, he confronts Genjuro, who found out his identity, and pledges to not be killed in exchange for information, which gives time for his goons to come to his aid. Disgusted, Genjuro tells him to go away, but Sankuro draws a gun and shoots him while he is distracted. Enraged, Genjuro attacks Sankuro, who promptly runs away along with his goons, not to be seen again.