Bus Tourguide
Welcome to Sani-Tours Paris Express. I'll be your guide during your trip to this amazing city. The one thing i ask for you is that you please stay with the group. I've been doing this for ten years now and i haven't lost anyone yet. Any questions?
~ Sani-Tour Bus Driver's first lines

Zorack, also known as the Sani-Tour Bus Driver, is the main antagonist in the episode "I See London, I See France" of Rocko's Modern Life.

He appears in France as a Tour Bus Driver, with Rocko and Heffer among his passengers, but he does some other things that have nothing to do with France. Through the episode he shows signs of clinical insanity and is absolutely obsessed about the tour and fear of losing his job, to which he is overly devoted.

When Rocko asks when would they see the Eiffel Tower, he doesn't honestly give a hoot about it, all he does is tell about the most questionable tourist attractions such as a garbage can or bacon shaped clouds, but when Rocko talks about the Eiffel Tower to Heffer and the other tourists' interest, he yells "Hello?! Have we all forgotten who's giving the tour here?!". Afterwards, everybody gets nervous and goes back to their seats. Next thing, Rocko sees his love outside, he says to the Bus Driver that he misses the Eiffel Tower, but Zorack stops the bus, goes up to Rocko and starts losing his temper and yelling at him. After Chokey Chicken, Rocko escapes the Bus Driver's tour to follow his crush.

Meanwhile at the Sani-Tour Bus, the Bus Driver checks the numbers, but he's missing passenger Number 11 (who is Rocko). He starts losing his temper a lot more than before, and yells at Number 13 (who is Heffer) that he wants to know where Number 11 is. When the Bus Driver gets nervous about losing his job, he looks at his picture of his wife and kids, but it's shown to be just a picture of bowl of fruits. Heffer gets scared and is about to escape out the window, but the Bus Driver snaps and goes stark raving mad. He screams to get back on his bus, but Heffer refuses so he runs off. But the Bus Driver goes chasing after Heffer while driving his bus.

In the end, when Rocko and Heffer are on the airplane, the crazy Bus Driver chases to the plane and tells them to get back on the bus. When the plane takes off, he goes out of the bus and runs after the plane but is too late, because the plane flies away. It is unknown if he loses his job and everything afterwards.


  • The Bus Driver is voiced by Tom Kenny who also voices Heffer Wolfe.
  • He is a very popular character among fans, despite being in only one episode.
  • It's highly likely that the reason why he shows things that have nothing to do with France is because he just does it for the money or because he's in a rush.