I'm Sandrovitch, emperor of the universe. Worship me.
~ Sandrovitch

Sandrovitch is the main villain and final boss from Air Zonk and it's sequel, Super Air Zonk: Rockability Paradise.

Seeking to conquer the world, Sandrovitch created a large army of cyborgs, sending them to attack the planet. Zonk discovers his plan and, along with his friends, decides to fight Sandrovitch's cyborgs to protect the world. Sandrovitch is defeated, but attempts to escape on a rocket, so Zonk leaves a bomb on it, making it explode.

Sandrovitch would return again, recreating his cyborg army and building a large statue of himself in the middle of a city, so Zonk once again goes after him and his cyborg minions. Zonk once again defeats him, destroying his space station and putting an end to his plans.