Sandman is the main antagonist of the Boogies series of shorts from Cartoon Monsoon. He wants to ruin the sleep of young children around the world.


The Sandman is on the Most Wanted list of people who interfere with children sleeping. The Boogies are sick of him and have engaged Operation Sandblast. One day, he met a new friend called the Tinkle Bug who will wet every bed around the world. As he used the Tinkle Bug to interfere with Neebish, he plans to take out the Boogie with a sleep bomb. The two Boogies helped Nebbish remove the Tinkle Bug. The Sandman tried to throw the sleep bomb but slipped on a banana pillow and went out the window. The Tinkle Bug betrayed his friend and made the Sandman wet his pants.


  • "Good night, little snoozer. Are you ready for a bedtime story? This story is called Enter The Sandman."
  • "Meet my newest friend who will bring sleepless nights to children everywhere. Meet the Tinkle Bug."
  • "Don't worry your little pea brain about it. I've taken care of everything."
  • "Gotta go! Gotta pee now! Mommy!"