I am one of the twelve Devas sent by the Sovereign one, you may have defeated me, but my brethren will avenge me.
~ Sandiramon
Prepare yourselves to be conquered. We are the Digimon who refuse to be tamed by mere humans. We will rule your realm and there's nothing you can do to stop us. The twelve Devas will destroy you all.
~ Sandiramon as he was dying.

Sandiramon is one of the Digimon Devas in the Digimon Tamers.

He resembles a giant white snake with purple armor on his head. He appeared in one-shot in the episode "Snakes, Trains, and Digimon". He is the second Deva to appear and the second to be destroyed.


An Ultimate Digimon that looks like a giant snake and is one of the "Deva Digimo". A subordinate of the Four Holy Beasts member Zhuqiaomon, he is the most cunning and cruel of the Devas. He hates battles that end in an instant, instead preferring to kill his opponents by injuring them slowly. He usually lives deep underground, and he can skillfully move through the Earth. During combat, he is able to project his "Bǎo Kuí" halberd from his mouth, and because it is so lightweight, he is able to bind his tail around it and brandish it dexterously. Although the halberd is incredibly sharp, it deletes itself as soon as it slashes the opponent once, but so long as Sandiramon has enough energy left, he can produce countless duplicates of the most dangerous and destructive weapon. His special attack is "Krishńa", which allows him to wriggle his giant body in order to powerfully spit out a halberd.


He appeared under a subway where he fought Rika and Renamon, but Renamon was no match for the giant snake. Then she Digivolved into Kyubimon, and she and Rika went after Sandiramon as he made his way through the subway to attack a train. Meanwhile, Henry and Terriermon got off a subway train when suddenly, Sandiramon arrived and destroyed the train with his powerful screech. Then Henry Digivolved Terriermon to Gargomon and joined Rika and Kyubimon. When Guilmon and Takato finally arrived on the scene, with Guilmon digivolving to Growlmon, they took down Sandiramon with a combined attack, Growlmon striking the finishing blow with Pyro Blaster. As he lay dying, still laughing, he warned the Tamers that he was one of the twelve Devas, and that the other Devas will destroy them all.

He was voiced by Lex Lang.


  • Venom Axe: Shoots an energy axe from his mouth.
  • Bǎo Kuí (宝戣 lit. "Treasure Lance")
  • His screech is extremely strong and powerful, so it can destroy a train.



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