The Sand Creatures are creatures afflicted by the Sands of Time, which were invented by Kaileena from The Sands of Time franchise. They are the creatures that the Prince must fight off to stop the effects from spreading across the entire planet. These creatures come in many shapes and sizes throughout the series.


In The Sands of Time they are portrayed as nearly immortal creatures only able to be killed with an artifact of Time. Later points the amount of sentience varies from zombie like to normal human level intelligence: In Warrior Within the creatures possess sentience and personality. Sand Creatures such as Shahdee or Sand Raiders taunt the Prince during combat.

As creatures made of Sand they originally possessed no bodily fluids typically found in mammals or insects. But in Warrior Within the creatures bleed out as though they are living beings: whenever the Prince kills them, his attacks draw blood and gore is present whenever they are cut down.


The Island of Time

They were first made by Kaileena at the Island of Time at a unknown time. They are meant to protect Kaileena and ultimately follow her orders.


When the Prince is manipulated into releasing the Sands of Time from the Hourglass by the Vizier, most of Azad's population is transformed into Sand Creatures. With the help of Farah, the daughter of the Maharajah, the Prince travels through the ruined Palace of Azad to reach the Tower of Dawn to reverse the effects of the Sands of Time.


The Sand Creatures found at the Island of Time have real blood instead of simply sand. They also are shown to be sentient and protective of their Queen.


Once the Sands of Times are released it starts to turn a majority of the population into these misshapen and hostile creatures that attacks what is left of living beings spared from the Sands’ powers on sight. Some in The Two Thrones seem to of retained their basic personality while in The Sands of Time they remain as almost zombie like creatures, though it's theorized that the Vizier might of let some keep their sentience once he gained control of the Sands themselves. Unlike the Sand Creatures on the Island of Time, the sand creatures in Babylon are highly aggressive and resilient; thus the Prince must be strategic in which to defeat or dispatch them.

Known Sand Creatures



  • In the Sands of Time and The Two Thrones, the Sand Creatures have sand. In Warrior Within, they contain blood for the more dark and realistic effect.