The Sand Army (also known as Solomon's Army) was a formidable army created by the evil Djinn Ratash in an attempt to wipe out of humanity and conquering the world.


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Ratash did not agree with the alliance between the Djinn and the humans, particually King Solomon and his people. Due to this Ratash betrayed his fellow Djinn before using the Sands to create a monstrous army that expanded with every grain of sand that touched a living creature. Only with the help of another Djinn, Razia, was King Solomon able to seal the army and their master away.

Guardianship of Solomon's Treasure Vault

For over a thousand the army was imprisoned and over time they were thought to be King Solomons army. Most thought them mere legend that is until their eventual escape.

The Army Unleashed

On the verge of being overwhelmed by a rival army Malik (Prince's brother) used Solomons medallion in a desperate attempt to crush his enemies once and for all. Due to Malik and Prince wielding half of a sacred Seal they alone were immune as the Sand Army grew out of control. The army continued to grow with only the possibility of being stopped if the two halfs of the Seal were reunited.

The Prince is able to eventually reunite the two halfs but is all of a sudden attacked by Ratash. Once Prince catches up with Ratash only to see the evil Djinn apparently killed by Malik. Unfortunately Ratash soon takes control of Malik and leads his army in his campaign to destroy humanity once more.

Prince is forced to fight the army and find a way to kill Ratash and put an end to his army forever. After obtaining the Djinn sword Prince was able to kill Ratash and as a result destroys the Sand Army forever.