Compared to the SJK, Red John was nothing. An amateur. Already forgotten.
~ James Panzer about the SJK.

The San Joaquin Killer, also called "SJK", was a minor villain in the TV-show The Mentalist and a rival of Red John.


Patrick Jane worked together with James Panzer, a crime reporter who blogged about the SJK, to stop the killer. The SJK is known to kill his victims, young women, in the same way: Binding them with wires about their wrists and ankles, then taking them to an abandoned warehouse where he cuts their throat off with an sharp instrument. Finally, Panzer is revealed to be the SJK himself. Later he's shot by Red John after Panzer said that compared to the murders of the SJK, Red John would be an amateur.


Panzer's motive for killing was the sake of attention; he wanted to be a criminal legend. He also made a website about the murders and told about his attention to the crimes in tv-shows as often as he could. In one of them, he insulted Red John, what was the reason for him to kill Panzer.