Samy Garvin is a character from Jimmy Two Shoes.

He is the henchmen of Lucius Heinous who has dreams of fame. He is rather timid and weak and is often verbally abused by his boss.


He is quite possibly older than his boss since he said that he worked for Lucius the 6th for 80 years, also in the episode "There will be Chocolate" he says he's worked there for a couple hundred years. He is usually assigned to do the most disgusting or dangerous jobs. He speaks with a lisp. When Samy hosts an event he wears a black wig a red suit and uses his puppet Humphrey von Sidekick. He dislikes of the group Protagonist Jimmy, Beezy and Heloise but can tolerate them more than Lucius. Samy is shown sleeping at the end of Lucius' bed in 'Ghostsmackers' which could mean he doesn't own a house. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.