Orders are orders!
~ Samuel King

Samuel King (1938-2013) was the Chief of the Grimsborough Police Department. He was seen for the first time in The Death of Rosa Wolf (Case #1). In It All Ends Here (Case #51), on Grimsborough's Election Day, Samuel assassinated Adam Bentley by shooting him between his eyes at the Red Party's offices.


Samuel was a man of 75 years of age who had grey hair parted to the right side. He had light blue eyes and a thick mustache above his lips. He used to wear a white shirt with a black tie underneath a navy police chief suit. The suit showed four stars on each shoulder, and consisted of GPD's logo on the sleeves. Samuel was 6 feet and 1 inch tall, he weighed 180 lbs, and his blood type was A+.

In It All Ends Here, Samuel wore an "I VOTED" badge on the right side of his suit. In that very case, it was discovered that he could handle guns and was right-handed.