Samuel Blunt is the antagonist in the short story "Wonderful Sausage" in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.
Wonderful Sausage02:59

Wonderful Sausage


Samuel used to be a jolly man, until he got into an argument with his wife. Samuel then murders her, and puts her into the meat grinder, and buries her bones under a large rock. With her meat, he mixed it with pork and spices, and made his "special sausage." There was such a demand for the sausage that he bred the best swines he could find, and waited for unsuspecting humans to walk in. He first murders a fat school teacher, and then his dentist. Soon kids, adults, and even puppies and kittens disappeared. However, he made his fatal flaw when he tried to kill a plump boy. As he was dragging him to where the grinder was, the boy broke loose, and escaped. Blunt later chases after him with a big butcher knife. The adults later found out about the mysterious disappearances of the people, and they storm his deli. No one knew for sure what happened to Blunt, some say he was fed to his hogs, or to his grinder. But no one ever saw his wonderful sausage again.