Samuel FT

Samuel is a villain from Fairy Tail. He is an Exceed and a member from the Legion Cops.


Samuel is a blue athmophormic cat called Exceed. He is often seen with glasses.


Along with Dan Samuel appears in the Heartfilia mansion searching for a book. Then
Samuel battle mode
the two start a fight with Team Natsu and Wendy. After Samuel reads the book they escape. He later finds Pantherlily in a dungeon and fights him. After Gajeel, Jet and Droy destroy the Guardian, Samuel is under disbelief and fights Pantherlily, who later defeats him and sends him flying. Then he follows Pantherlily and tells his story. Later when he discovers the truth he tries to kill Lucy until he's stopped by Coco and Pantherlily and the latter fights him until he is ordered to destroy the Clock. After the Clock incident he along with ofter member of the Legion Cops go to search for the now inactive clock parts.


  • Samuel's favorite food is mushrooms sauteed in butter.