Sammy K. Ferret was a cartoon character that Ray Stanz and Slimer really liked.


On a dark and story night, at midnight, a mysterious supernatural force struck the Ghostbusters' television and turned Sammy into a ghost. Sammy broke loose in the real world causing all sorts of mischief. The longer he remained in the real world, the more real and dangerous he became. In his wake, a trail of cartoon manifestations spread like a viral epidemic. Since he wasn't bound by the laws of physics, he seemed to be impossible to trap. Ray devised an ambush scenario: Slimer would make a full capacity audience laugh and attract Sammy. The Ghostbusters would then trap him. However, the Proton Stream went directly through Sammy and he fled the scene.

Sammy K. Ferret

Sammy K. Ferret in his cartoon form.

Undaunted, Egon Spengler deduced if they could get Sammy mad enough, he would revert to his true form and become trappable. They commandeered the Lenny Jason Show and repeatedly taunted him and turned the crowd against him. Sure enough, Sammy showed his true form and was trapped. His last words before he was captured were "I'm still the funniest! Hahahahaha!" Some of Sammy's after effects were not immediately dissipated and remained for some time, such as Ecto 1's transmogrification into a clown car.