We won't hurt you, Brent. We promise...
~ Sammy calming Brent down after revealing his true colors.

Sammy Jacobs is the main protagonist turned main antagonist of the Goosebumps novel, My Best Friend is Invisible, and the TV series episode of the same name.

My Best Friend is Invisible (Book)

Sammy lives with his parents who are scientists. Sammy didn't really care for science, but he cared for science fiction. Sammy wanted to focus more on beating Roxanne (his girlfriend-ish friend) in a race. During that time he Suddenly met his invisible friend Brent Green and things suddenly turn out o.k. for him. But because his friend is "Invisible" and no one believes that Sammy has a new friend. He ends up becoming a laughing stock and also losing the race. Sammy tries to get rid of Brent just to make up for losing the race. Brent almost killed Sammy in the process leaving Sammy to leave his room and turn the steam on. Sammy's parents think that he is insanely crazy and try to take him to a mental institute. Sammy wanted to know what Brent really looked like so he got his father's flashlight and it was revealed that Brent is a human, meaning that Sammy and his parents aren't. Sammy's parents explained that all of the humans are in the zoo because they are "Endangered Species" so Sammy decided to take him to where the humans are.

My Best Friend is Invisible (TV Episode)

In TV episode Sammy was played by Jon Davey. The TV Series Episode of My Best Friend is Invisible has almost the same plot as in the book it was based on. Except the TV series episode has a twist ending. In the book they said that they were going to take Brent to the zoo, but at the end of episode Sammy and his parents very menacingly surround Brent and then it was presumed that they killed him.


  • Although Brent is the main villain of the book and the TV episode, Sammy takes that role in both, because his role was more uprising. Sammy and his parents are actually a part of an evil alien race that took over Earth and Brent was the only human and the aliens hated the humans.
  • Sammy is the most evil Goosebumps protagonist.
  • Despite the fact that both he and Brent are Goosebumps Monsters, Sammy never appeared in the film. Brent however did.