The fastest car in town, and she is totally ours.
~ Cash

Sammy and Cash are two teenaged criminals and antagonists in the Teen Titans series. They were punks who try to be cool.

When Cyborg left his car to face Overload, Sammy and Cash broke the lock and stole the car. After that, they were speeding across town and painted red flames on Cyborg's car. The two teenagers took the car to a race which they won but they lost the car to Gizmo. Shortly after, Cyborg arrived and interogated them. After learning what happened to his car, Cyborg placed the two thieves in Gizmo's containment for the cops to pick them up. Sammy and Cash somehow got out but were restrained by Raven. The two carjackers were later arrested along with Gizmo and Overload.