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Samed Vezirzade is one of the two main antagonists of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. He is a rich and powerful leader of the Oil Mafia of Azerbaijan.


As part of his war against the west, Vezirzade would help other terrorists with their attacks against the west, often supplying them with weapons. Most of these weapons Vezirzade would buy from the Russian gangster Maxim Kutkin.

Vezirzade was involved in an attack by Egyptian terrorists against the Museum of Art in New York, and a terrorist attack in Oman where terrorists threatened to release toxin into a local water supply. When he arranged the hijacking of an airplane, Rainbow learned of his involvement, and planted bugs in his dacha to find out where he would strike next.

Vezirzade planned to buy nuclear bombs from Kutkin to use against the west. As Rainbow attempted to track down Kutkin's bomb-manufacturing facility, Vezirzade arranged for his entire terrorist underground to attack an opera house, demanding the delivery of weapons and the release of every terrorist arrested in the past five years. Vezirzade knew these demands couldn't be met, as this was his way of telling Rainbow that he could strike wherever and whenever he wanted to.

Vezirzade's men attempted to buy Kutkin's last two nuclear bombs from Kutkin's lieutenant at a train yard in Moscow, but Rainbow prevented the exchange and recovered the nucear bombs. Afterwards, they interrogated one of Vezirzade's men and located his base of operations in Azerbaijan. Rainbow intended to take Vezirzade alive if possible, but Vezirzade and his fanatically loyal men fought to the end, so during the raid, Vezirzade was shot and killed by one of the Rainbow operatives.


Vezirzade is very anti-western and will stop at nothing to attack Western countries. He is an idealist, and is very secretive about his private life.


  • He is the first main villain to die in a Rainbow Six game.