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But I do, and I am sorry. It won't stop.
~ Samara's response when the psychiatrist assumes that she doesn't truly want to hurt anyone.

Samara Morgan (born Samara Osorio) is the main antagonist of The Ring and The Ring 2.

Her character is a remake of Sadako Yamamura from the 1998 Japanese horror film Ringu. The remake has popularised the horror trope of the "stringy-haired ghost girl" and has inspired more American remakes of Asian horror films such as The Grudge and One Missed Call.

She is portrayed by Daveigh Chase, whom also portraying Lilo Pelekai in Lilo and Stitch series.



Me Gusta 9 400x400

Samara when she was alive.

In 1970, a troubled pregnant woman named Evelyn Osorio went to a Christian hospital to give birth to a baby girl, whom she named as Samara. The biological father of Samara remains unknown but he is often implied to be otherworldy in nature. After giving birth to Samara, Evelyn later heard voices in her head which told her that the only way to release evil spirits from Samara was by drowning her. Whether the voices came from her instincts or from Samara herself remains a mystery. She eventually followed the voices and decided to drown Samara in a fountain outside the hospital but a group of nuns caught her in the act and took the baby away from her. Samara was put up for adoption whilst Evelyn was locked in a mental institution.


Eventually, Samara was adopted by Anna and Richard Morgan, who were avid horse breeders in Moesko Island. A book dedicated to Samara, which was written by Evelyn, was stored in the basement of the Morgan ranch despite Samara having little memory of her own biological mother. Anna loved Samara dearly due to her several miscarriages between 1963 to 1969 and Samara loved her back in return. As Samara grew up, she developed strange supernatural powers known as nensha, which enabled her to unintentionally burn gruesome images into her parents' minds. Her powers have caused her to be alienated by the local community, who often blamed her for the misfortunes in the island, and her relationship with Anna to sour. As a result, Samara spent most of her time alone on the swings in the ranch.

Eola Psychiatric Hospital

Anna consulted Dr. Grasnik, the local doctor, about the gruesome images in her head but being unable to help her, Dr. Gransnik referred both Anna and Samara to Eola Psychiatric Hospital. Under 24/7 surveillance, Anna was treated for depression and suicidal thoughts whilst Samara's powers were observed by a psychiatrist named Dr. Scott. During her stay in Eola Psychiatric Hospital, Samara is unable to sleep and displays her nensha by burning images onto transparent film which Dr. Scott uses as evidence for her powers. Dr. Scott asks Samara on how she was able to do this but she gives cryptic answers such as "I see them... and then... they just... are." He also presumes that Samara doesn't truly want to hurt anyone with her powers but Samara sinisterly confesses to him that her powers are too strong and that she won't stop hurting others, indicating that Samara is slowing becoming insane.


Rachel, who has been cursed by Samara, indirectly forces a horse to kill itself after it senses Samara's presence in her.

The Horse Epidemic

To prevent Samara from harming anyone with her powers, Richard decided to isolate her on the top floor of the horse barn. Left alone with only a TV set to entertain her, Samara had difficulty sleeping due to the noises that the horses made during the night. Believing that her adoptive parents cared about the horses more than her, Samara burnt gruesome images into the minds of the prized horses which drove them insane, leading 27 of them to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. The Morgan later became the center of unwanted attention from the media, who described the mass suicide of the horses as an "epidemic". The horse barn was later quarantined but no one was aware of Samara's powers at the time. Depressed over the loss of her horses, Anna was sent back to Eola Psychiatric Hospital.

Trapped in the Well

Anna was eventually released from the hospital five days later as a way to relieve themselves from the recent tragedies, the family decided to travel to Shelter Mountain Inn for a vacation. Whilst Samara stood besides a well in Shelter Mountain Inn, Anna snapped and suffocated her with a black, garbage bag before throwing her down into the well in order to stop Samara from mentally tormenting her and the horses for good. Anna later became horrified by her actions and decided to commit suicide by jumping off a nearby cliff out of remorse. Meanwhile, Samara tried to crawl out of the well but broke her fingernails in the process as a stone lid slowly covered the top of the well, sealing her fate. She eventually died due to hypothermia and starvation after spending 7 days in the well. After Samara died, the horses in the Morgan ranch mysteriously returned to normal but Richard decided to stop breeding them.


Giphy (1)-0

Samara in the dimension of the cursed videotape.

Many years after Samara was thrown into the well, a set of rental cabins were constructed in Shelter Mountain Inn and Cabin 12 was built directly over the well. Inside Cabin 12, there was a blank videotape and as a vengeful ghost, Samara seized the opportunity to burn images, that reflected her miserable mind and as well as her twisted mind, into the blank videotape. The videotape was a way of telling the world of how much suffering she experienced when she was alive. The videotape was also cursed and Samara vowed to kill anyone who viewed the videotape unless they copied it and showed it to someone who had never seen the videotape under a 7 day deadline. Samara would usually notify the viewer about their deadline through a phone call after their initial viewing of the videotape and after her victim failed to meet the requirements of her curse, she would crawl out of her TV screens and frighten them to death or alternatively force them to commit suicide in a similar fashion to the horses. Her vengeful spirit also seemed to live on in the dimension of the videotape and ever since, the videotape became the subject of a popular urban legend that was widespread amongst many people, particularly teenagers.

One weekend, a group of teenagers stayed in Cabin 12 and attempted to record a football match, which was impossible due to the poor reception. One of the teenagers decided to use the blank videotape to record the football match but to their horror, they realised that the cursed videotape played on screen instead of the football match. They fled the cabin out of terror and during their 7 day deadline, the teenagers experienced supernatural symptoms of the curse which included distorted faces in photographs, scribbling an image of Samara onto paper mindlessly, having the sudden ability to predict their own deaths etc.

Samara's Killing Spree

Tumblr nvy6e1fJp61sbqrlmo3 1280

Katie at the exact moment when Samara kills her.

After 7 days, one of the teenagers named Katie Embry had her friend Becca Kotler to come over to her house for a sleepover. To overcome the boredom during the sleepover, Becca began to discuss about the urban legend surrounding the cursed videotape. Katie is horrified by her knowledge of the tape and confesses to her that she had seen it with her boyfriend and her other friends a week ago. Becca disbelieves her but suddenly, the phone downstairs rings, which startles them as they believe it is Samara. However, it turns out to be Katie's mother and after finishing her conversation with her mother over the phone, Katie notices the TV in the living room turn on by itself on static.

She initially believes that Becca is simply pranking her but the TV turns on by itself twice and after plugging the switch from the powerpoint, Katie sees an unseen force fleeting by on the TV screen. Katie also sees the fridge door in the kitchen open by itself but she closes it immediately and calls Becca for help. However, Becca doesn't respond and Katie runs upstairs, only to see water leaking out of her bedroom door, indicating that Samara already crawled out of the screen of the TV in her bedroom and was waiting for her to meet her doom. Katie opens the door and sees the image of the well on her TV screen. As she screams, an unseen force rushes towards her (presumably from Samara's point of view) and frightens her to death via a heart attack. Her expression of fear is left permanent on her face and it is implied that the force of the fear that Samara uses to kill her victims, causes their faces to distort and appear waterlogged and their mouths to be gruesomely gaped open and appear mutilated. Katie's body was later found in the bedroom closet by mother later in the night.

On the same night, Katie's boyfriend commits suicide by jumping off his apartment building whilst her other friends were killed in a bizarre car crash. Despite not being near any TV at the time, it was presumed that Samara could appear to them from any reflective surface as seen in Rings and The Ring Two or alternatively, her presence culminates on the 7th day to the point that they are driven insane by her mere presence, causing them to kill themselves.

Everyone Will Suffer


Samara usually crawls out of her victim's TV after 7 days to kill them.

Katie's death brought the attention of a troubled journalist named Rachel Keller, whose son Aidan eerily predicted Katie's death. Aidan was also the only one who knew how truly evil Samara was and how she wasn't supposed to help her, especially after Rachel and her ex-boyfriend Noah tried to appease Samara's spirit in the well and as a result, gave her a proper burial. As a result, Noah, who didn't copy the videotape and send it to another person, was killed by Samara after she crawled out of his TV screen and killed him by frightening him to death. Rachel finally realised why she was spared as she had sent the videotape to Noah previously and does the same thing for Aidan, who has also seen the videotape as well. She also receives flashbacks from the time when she visited Richard Morgan telling her how "his wife wasn't supposed to have a child" moments before killing himself after realising that Samara has returned to the world for no good, which causes her to change the way she views Samara.



Rachel looks up from the well and realises it that it was always open.

Meanwhile, a subculture that was dedicated to the cursed videotape rises in popularity as more people watch the cursed videotape but many of them send it to another person before 7 days to avoid being killed. However, a teenager named Jake failed to send the videotape to his girlfriend who has never seen it before and was killed that night. Rachel and her son Aidan move to the same town where Jake was killed and is deeply horrified that Samara is still alive and well. Samara, who is attracted to Rachel's motherly personality, decides to make Rachel her new mother by possessing Aidan but often fails in trying to emulating him. Under Samara's possession, Aidan kills several people including a man named Max who tried to help Rachel from her past experiences and a doctor named Dr. Temple who is unaware that Aidan is possessed. However, Rachel already knew that Aidan was possessed and successfully drowns him to release Samara. Moments later, the vengeful Samara tries to return to Rachel by emerging out of her TV screen and Rachel decides to sacrifice herself by allowing herself to be dragged into the well by Samara so that Aidan won't be endangered by Samara ever again. Looking up from the well, Rachel realises that the well has always been open, which had freely allowed Samara to enter and exit into the world to kill people. Suddenly, Rachel notices Samara emerging from the water. Rachel manages to crawl out of the well in time and as Samara calls out "MOMMY!" in a deep demonic voice, Rachel replies "I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING MOMMY!" and proceeds to close the well with a stone lid, trapping Samara inside the well, where she belongs. Though still alive, she is tormented with misery and as a result, suffers more than ever.


However, it is revealed in Rings, a sequel set 13 years later after the events of the original film, that Samara is still active and albeit more powerful than ever. How she become more powerful implied due to the popularity of her cursed videotape: Because a lot of people watch the video but many of them send it to another person before 7 days to avoid being killed, it's much more likely that the contain of her cursed videotape spread across electronic media unchecked, which explained how she able to have upgraded the technology of her cursed video and is able to spread it to many, if not millions, of people via e-mails, the Internet, texts etc. In the trailer, a character attempts to prevent Samara from emerging out of a TV screen by hurling and smashing the TV on the ground but Samara is able to come out regardless. It is revealed that she can appear in many screens at once, which can fatally affect everyone nearby it, even if they haven't watched the video, as seen when she is able to appear in many screens in an airplane, nearly causing it to crash.

The Cursed Videotape

The cursed videotape contains surreal, otherworldly and somewhat graphic imagery that is based on both Samara's life and her twisted imaginations. In order, the disturbing scenes of the videotape include:

The Ring Tape

The cursed videotape was initially in the form of a blank videotape that is hidden in between the other tapes in a shelf in the reception room of Shelter Mountain Inn.

1) A "ring" light is shown around the lid that is covering the well and is shown from Samara's point of view.

2) Blood is shown flowing in water. This hints to the horses that were forced by Samara to commit suicide and foreshadows the ferry incident where Rachel indirectly causes a horse to kill itself.

3) A chair that Samara sat on whilst being isolated in the barn is shown in an empty room.

4) Hair is shown being combed moments before it is revealed to be Anna Morgan, who is combing her hair in front of the mirror. Samara telekinetically switches the mirror to the other side of the wall for a brief moment as a childly prank. Anna looks at her and smiles. If you turn up the volume, you can hear Samara's lullaby in the background.

5) Richard Morgan is seen looking down from the window of the upper level of the Morgan residence. It is from Samara's point of view as she occassionally plays on the swings below.

6) A fly flies in the sky near the cliff at Shelter Mountain Inn. Once the tape is watched more and more, a person can physically grab the fly out of the screen.

7) Intestines are shown being pulled out from a humanoid mouth at a fast rate. This hints to the cords that various characters who are cursed by the videotape vomit out.

8) A black plastic bag, which was used to suffocate Samara, was briefly seen being thrashed.

9) A tree is then shown on fire, which is revealed to be the Japanese maple tree seen at Shelter Mountain opposite the well's location. Samara was admiring the tree before being pushed down the well by Anna. The fire element is a reference to the tree's red leaves lighting up when in the presence of the sun.

10) A finger is impaled right through a needle and we briefly see the nail come off. This mimicks Samara's nails painfully falling off when she tried to crawl out of the well.

11) Maggots are seen swarming before it switches to humans swarming around in a liquid substance. This hints Samara's misanthropic view towards humanity.

12) A centipede crawls out from under the table which has a glass of water on top of it. This could probably show Samara's twisted view towards Dr. Scott, her psychiatrist.

13) A three-legeed lamb or goat is shown limping into the barn in order to hide. This symbolises the "freak show elements" that Samara had which caused her to be isolated and marginalised from society.

14) A horse's eye stares in horror, presumably in response to Samara's malevolent presence which drove the other horses to commit suicide.

15) Seven severed fingers are shown twitching in a box. This symbolises the 7 days that the viewers have after viewing the tape or the restless and neverending nature of the curse and Samara's spirit.
The Ring - Cursed Video Tape (ORIGINAL - STRAIGHT FROM MOVIE)01:26

The Ring - Cursed Video Tape (ORIGINAL - STRAIGHT FROM MOVIE)

The full length version of Samara's cursed tape.

16) The burning maple tree is shown once again and it glitches for a few brief moments.

17) Anna is shown tying her hair after finishing combing and stares at the camera (in reality she is looking at Samara).

18) Richard disappears from the window at the upper level of the Morgan residence and the same chair from earlier is seen spinning upside down in the air. A ladder, which was used as the only access to the upper level of the horse barn where Samara was isolated, is seen leaning against the wall.

19) Blurry images of the bodies of the horses that were driven to commit suicide by Samara are seen being washed up on the shores.

20) A footage of Anna Morgan committing suicide by jumping off the cliff at Shelter Mountain Inn is shown.

21) The well's lid is shown being closed and a ladder falls down after that. The videotape ends with the well being surrounded by the trees of a nearby forest. If the videotape is watched more and more, the viewer can see Samara's hair and arm briefly emerging from the well.

Body Count

  • The Ring 2

    Katie Embry's corpse

    Doctor Scott - The doctor who interviews Samara in the tape Rachel finds at the Morgan house. He was killed shortly afterwards by Samara.
  • 27 Morgan ranch horses- Driven insane by Samara which drove them to kill themselves.
  • Noah-1

    Noah Clay's corpse.

    Katie Embry - One of the group of teenagers who accidentally used the cursed videotape in an attempt to record a football match. She is also the only one in the group who is seen to be directly killed by Samara, leading to the instiutionalisation of her traumatised friend Becca.
  • Josh Turnadot - Katie's boyfriend who was also part of the group. who jumped off a building to presumably escape from Samara or was driven insane by her.
  • Scott Conroy - Katie's friend and a member of the group who is killed in a mysterious car crash. Samara most likely appeared on a reflective surface as they were nowhere near a TV and frightened and distracted them, which caused him to lose control of his car and crash.
  • Stacey Nyugen - See above.
  • Shelter Mountain Innkeeper - Noah finds him dead in a canoe at Shelter Mountain's lake. This is only included in the deleted scenes of the first film's DVD.
  • Ferry Horse - The horse is frightened by Rachel, who is "infected" by Samara's presence, causing it to go in a frenzy moments before jumping off the ferry. Blood is seen flowing out from the bottom of the ferry, hinting that the horse was sucked underneath and mutilated and killed by the propellers.
  • Noah Clay - Rachel's ex-boyfriend. He was unaware he had to copy the tape, and is killed by Samara directly.
  • Numerous viewers in Rings.
  • Jake - Killed by Samara directly.
  • Doctor Emma Temple - Whilst possessing Aidan, Samara forced Temple to inject a lethal injection into her neck, making her look like she killed herself.
  • Max Rourke - He tries to photograph Samara possessing Aidan as proof but Samara (in Aidan's body) notices this and kills him. His distorted corpse is found slumped against the steering wheel of his pickup truck.

Total: 38 (excluding numerous viewers in Rings)


  • It is highly likely that Samara inherited her supernatural abilities from her biological father as she managed to manipulate and control the movement of water despite the fact that she was aquaphobic (fear of water).
  • Samara's name means "protected by God" in Hebrew, hinting that her biological father is indeed from a supernatural realm. One of her victims' name was Noah and Noah is of Hebrew origin as well and Noah is a well-known character in the Bible who suffered in a great flood (a nod to the major theme of water in the films) and was one of the victims forced to endure the wrath of God, in contrast to Samara's name.
  • Although both Samara and her Japanese counterpart have similar tragic backstories, Samara is far less sympathetic than Sadako as after her tragedy, she continued to kill and never wanted to fix her mistakes unlike Sadako, who attempted to revert to her kind-hearted persona. Even when one of the protagonists try to help Samara (e.g. when Rachel sacrificed her safety to be her mother), Samara will often refuse it and continue to be the deranged psychopath that she unfortunately became.
  • Another theory about how Samara killed her victims is that she mentally projects all the horror from her life and the cursed videotape into the victim's mind in a short amount of time, which literally blows their mind to the point that their faces and eventually bodies become bloated and distorted. This is why a series of images from the cursed tape is shown briefly, followed by static, before each victim dies in the films.
  • In a deleted Scene, local fishermen tell Rachel an alternate version of Samara's beginning. They claim that Samara is Richard and Anna's biological child, and that a doctor from overseas helped them get pregnant. It is assumed that made deals with demonic forces as the fishermen tell Rachel that Richard and Anna often "messed with nature" before they finally gave birth to Samara.

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