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Full Name
Samara Morgan
"The Ring" (2002)
Powers / Skills
supernatrual abilities, ability to manipulate water, create a cursed tape, crawling out of TV screen to kill those who have seen the tape
killing people
kill all humanity by spreading around the world her tape
Type of Villain
Ghost / Mass Murderer / Serial Killer

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But I do, and I am sorry. It won't stop.
~ Samara's infamous response after her psychiatrist states that she doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Samara Morgan is the primary antagonist of The Ring and The Ring 2.

Though Samara is a sympathetic character for most audiences, she is truly morally ambiguous as at one stage, Samara is clearly shown to be a misunderstood girl who had little and no control over her powers due to her abusive parents while on the other hand, she rejected all the help from other protagonists, especially Rachel Keller, and decided to continue her evil doing without any remorse.

Her character is a remake of Sadako Yamamura from the 1998 Japanese horror film Ringu which also spawned several sequels and international remakes. She is portrayed by Daveigh Chase.



In 1970, a pregnant woman named Evelyn went to a Christian hospital and gave birth to a baby girl named Samara, who ceased to cry. The identity of the biological father remained unknown though it was assumed that he was some form of sea demon. However, Evelyn began to voices which told her to drown Samara to release the demon inside of her. Finally, she went outside and attempted to drown Samara in a pond but a group of nuns caught her and took her baby girl away. Samara was held for adoption whilst Evelyn was locked up in a mental hospital.


Eventually, Samara was adopted by Anna and Richard Morgan, who were avid horse breeders from Moesko Island. While Anna loved her unconditionally, possibly because of her several miscarriages, Samara began to develop strange supernatural powers, which she had no control over, resulting her to become an outcast in the community. She probably inherited her powers from her mysterious biological father. Her relationship with Anna began to sour as she unintentionally burnt gruesome and disturbing images into her mind, causing her to slowly become insane.

Eola Psychiatric Hospital

Anna consulted a local problem about the gruesome images in her mind and the doctor sent both her and Samara into Eola Psychiatric Hospital, where they were under 24/7 surveillance. Anna was treated for depression and suicidal thoughts while Samara was studied by Doctor Scott on her ability to burn images into minds and objects. Doctor Scott later filmed a medical interview of Samara and told her that her father planned to leave her there. Provoked, Samara killed him with her powers and on the contrary, her father decided to release Anna and Samara from the hospital and return to their normal lives.

The Horse Epidemic

Richard decided to isolate Samara in the horse barn, which only had a TV set for entertainment. Samara never slept due to the noises that the horses made and out of rage, she drove them mad and forced them to commit suicide by jumping off a nearby cliff. About 27 horses died, which made Anna and Richard the centre of unwanted attention, though none were aware of the presence of Samara. Anna was heavily affected by the epidemic and was sent back to Eola Psychiatric Hospital.

Trapped in the Well

Having enough of Samara's constant abuse towards her and her horses, the family decided to have a vacation in Shelter Mountain Inn.

The Cursed Videotape

1. You see the ring. It is blue light in a round shape that Samara saw when she was at the bottom of the well and saw the top of the well appear like this. You see a chair and then a ladder. 

2. A mirror on the right shows Anna Morgan combing her hair, then another mirror on the left seconds later shows Samara, then the mirror on the right shows Anna Morgan again smiling. (if you turn up the volume, you can hear Samara singing the song that she sung before she was thrown in the well)  

3. Richard Morgan, Samara's father, is seen on the top story window looking at outside. 

4. The cliff where the Morgans lived next to. A fly is seen walking on the screen as if it was not part of the tape. 

5. A person's mouth having a metal wire pulled out with regurgitating sound.

6. The top of the well being closed by a lid and seeing the remainder of the open top with bright light. 

7. A tree is on fire.

8. A finger is impaled by a nail. 

9. Numerous maggots bound together before turning into a picture with many humans overlapping in water. 

10. A millipede walks from under a table where there was a glass of water and a chair next to the table. 

11. The behind of a goat is shown. 

12. A close up on a horse's eye 

13. The top of the well being closed by a lid again and seeing the remainder of the open top with bright light. 

14. Seven detached human fingers in a box that are twitching. 

15. The tree is again shown on fire. 

16. Anna Morgan is turning around and frowning looking at Samara when it looks like she's looking at the viewer. 

17. The carcasses of dead horses on the beach. 

18. Anna Morgan on the cliff slowly falling off to commit suicide. 

19. The ladder falls down to the ground and the lid on the well is completely closed.

20. The well Samara's corpse is in is shown. This is the most significant picture of the tape.  

Ella Presenta

Ella, the fan version of Samara Morgan


Ella is a fan character whose appearence is based on Samara Morgan. She was made for the M.U.G.E.N. engine by the creator AIDUZZI as a horror-type character, with bloody moves that resemble some horror movie characters. She is very strong and can use chainsaws, knives, firearms, cursed teddy bears, cursed crows, her claws, alongside her own fighting skills.

Samara's Victims

  • Doctor Scott - The doctor who interviews Samara in the tape Rachel finds at the Morgan house. He was killed shortly afterwards by Samara.
  • Morgan Ranch Horses - Driven insane by Samara's powers and killed themselves.
  • Katie Embry - Killed by Samara who directly killed her by coming out of her television. Her body was found in a closet by her mother Ruth. Her friend Becca Kohtler was affected and sent to a psychiatric hospital.
  • Josh Turnadot - Katie's boyfriend. He was reported to have jumped off a roof, perhaps to escape Samara.
  • Scott Conroy - Killed in a car crash.
  • Stacey Nyugen - Killed in a car crash.
  • Shelter Mountain Innkeeper - Noah finds him dead in a canoe at Shelter Mountain's lake. This is only included in the deleted scenes of the first film's DVD.
  • Ferry Horse - The horse is frightened by Rachel and falls off the ferry and is killed by the ship's propellers.
  • Richard Morgan - Samara's adoptive father. He commits suicide via electrocution to escape Samara.
  • Noah Clay - Rachel's ex-boyfriend. He was unaware he had to copy the tape, and is killed by Samara directly.
  • Numerous viewers in Rings.
  • Jake - Killed by Samara directly.
  • Doctor Emma Temple - Murdered by Samara during her possession of Aidan. She forced Temple to inject a lethal injection into her neck, making her look like she killed herself.
  • Max Rourke - A journalist who is killed by Samara when he tries to photograph her in Aidan's body.


  • It is highly likely that Samara inherited her supernatural abilities from her biological father as she managed to manipulate and control the movement of water despite the fact that she was aquaphobic (fear of water).
  • Samara's name means "protected by God" in Hebrew, hinting that her biological father is indeed from a supernatural realm. One of her victims' name was Noah and Noah is of Hebrew origin as well and Noah is a well-known character in the Bible who suffered in a great flood (a nod to the major theme of water in the films) and was one of the victims forced to endure the wrath of God, in contrast to Samara's name.
  • Although both Samara and her Japanese counterpart have similar tragic backstories, Samara is far less sympathetic than Sadako as after her tragedy, she continued to kill and never wanted to fix her mistakes unlike Sadako, who attempted to revert to her kind-hearted persona. Even when one of the protagonists try to help Samara (e.g. when Rachel sacrificed her safety to be her mother), Samara will often refuse it and continue to be the deranged psychopath that she unfortunately became.
  • Another theory about how Samara killed her victims is that she mentally projects all the horror from her life and the cursed videotape into the victim's mind in a short amount of time, which literally blows their mind to the point that their faces and eventually bodies become bloated and distorted. This is why a series of images from the cursed tape is shown briefly, followed by static, before he/she dies.

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