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Full Name
Samara Morgan
"The Ring" (2002)
Powers / Skills
supernatrual abilities, ability to get out from the TV after a man watching her tape and to kill him
killing people
kill all humanity by spreading around the world her tape
Type of Villain
Ghost / Mass Murderer / Serial Killer

Samara Morgan is the primary antagonist of The Ring and The Ring 2.

There is a debate whether or not Samara is a tragic villain or a complete monster as most of the audience believe that she was a miserable girl who had no control of her powers and wanted to live normally while others believe that she is indeed a complete monster as she manipulated many characters, especially Rachel Keller, into believing that she needed "help" when in reality, Samara wants to continue her killing spree to no end.

Her character is a remake of Sadako Yamamura from the 1998 Japanese horror film Ringu which also spawned several sequels and international remakes. She is portrayed by Daveigh Chase.

Samara's History

In 1970, a woman named Evelyn gave birth to a baby girl named Samara who ceased to cry. Her biological father's identity remained unknown but he was presumed to be a sea demon who passed on his supernatural abilities to his daughter. Soon after her birth, Evelyn claimed that her daughter told her that there was a demon inside of her and she had to get rid of it by drowning her. Going to a nearby pond, Evelyn attempted to drown her but a nun spotted her and eventually, Samara was put up for adoption while Evelyn was locked up in a mental institution.  

Ultimately, the Morgans adopted Samara and raised her in a horse ranch in Moesko Island. Anna Morgan was pleased to have an adopted child as she had previous miscarriages in the past. However, as Samara grew older, her supernatural abilties began to go out of control which caused her to be an outcast in the local community but little did she realise that tragedy will soon befall on her adoptive family. Deep in her heart, Samara believed that her life was truly horrible with her parents wishing to avoid her. Samara, like all children, wishes to be truly loved by her mother but Samara had caused the Morgan's horses to fall off a cliff and die and she infested her mother's mind with gruesome images (which connects to the contents of Samara's video tape).  

Samara accused her father of being an abusive parent who cared more about the horses than her, although her father (Richard Morgan) was the true victim because he was bothered by Samara's torture towards the horses and his wife. Eventually, Anna was sent to Eola Psyhiatric Hospital to treat her depression and Samara was also sent there as well to be investigated at how she could burn gruesome images onto objects and one's minds. One day, while having a vacation at Shelter Mountain Inn, Anna surprisingly put a bag over Samara's head and pushed her down the well but even with Samara dead Anna chose to commit suicide.  

Samara's ghost then made a video tape that shows brief clips of her life (most do relate to her childhood, others are only images considered gruesome and grotesque). She wants everyone to watch the tape to show the whole world how miserable she feels and as a message of how she hates the entirety of humanity. They must then show the tape to another person and keep continuing the cycle. However, if the person you show the tape to does not show the tape to another person, then that person you showed the tape to will be killed. The deadline is exactly 7 days, meaning 168 hours. 

Years later, Cabin 12 was built directly above the well and the cabin contains the cursed tape inside. It is unknown who placed the cursed tape in the cabin. One Saturday night, a group of teenagers who were presumably on a vacation attempted to record a football match by using a blank videotape they found. Instead of seeing the football match, the blank videotape turned out to be Samara's cursed tape and all of them left the cabin, utterly terrified by the content of the tape.  

During their 7 day deadline, their faces were distorted whenever they took selfies and they also drew images of Samara without even thinking about it and also experienced several nightmares and premonitions of their upcoming fate. Physical signs that they were cursed by the tape included nose bleeds, vomiting out cords and replicating scenes in the cursed tape. After the 7 day deadline, the entire group of the teenagers who had watched the tape died in a car crash and one of them had jumped to their deaths, possibly out of madness just like how Samara drove the horses crazy and made them jump off the cliff. However, Katie Embry, one of the members of the group who have watched the tape, was personally killed by Samara in her bedroom, which led her aunty Rachel Keller to investigate the cursed tape, intiating the plot of The Ring.  

The cause of death is that the nearest television set will turn on by itself as an image of a well is shown on the screen. Samara is seen to be skilled at climbing up the well at a rapid rate as shown in The Ring Two and once she exits the well, she slowly walks towards the screen before she eventually emerges out of the screen. She then teleports to her victim and kills them by frightening them to death via a heart attack. The moment of fear is left frozen on her victim's face which causes their facial expressions and gradually the rest of their body to distort. In other words, she psychically mutilates them to death. Samara usually places their bodies in closed spaces or hides them for others to find them to symbolise the pain of her suffering during her imprisonment in the well being exacted onto her victims.  

If you look carefully at each victim's faces, their tongues are missing which can possibly hint that they were so frightened that even their screams had mangled and distorted their own tongue.  

Samara is notable amongst other horror villains due to her unique killing techniques as she doesn't require weapons to kill her victims but instead, she uses pure fear and dread and she also manipulates the emotions of her victims, which inadvertently drives them insane and sometimes, the victims end up killing themselves instead, much to Samara's pleasure. Due to this, Samara easily evaded the punishment of her actions as the authorities were baffled at how her victims were killed.  

Samara's Tape

1. You see the ring. It is blue light in a round shape that Samara saw when she was at the bottom of the well and saw the top of the well appear like this. You see a chair and then a ladder. 

2. A mirror on the right shows Anna Morgan combing her hair, then another mirror on the left seconds later shows Samara, then the mirror on the right shows Anna Morgan again smiling. (if you turn up the volume, you can hear Samara singing the song that she sung before she was thrown in the well)  

3. Richard Morgan, Samara's father, is seen on the top story window looking at outside. 

4. The cliff where the Morgans lived next to. A fly is seen walking on the screen as if it was not part of the tape. 

5. A person's mouth having a metal wire pulled out with regurgitating sound.

6. The top of the well being closed by a lid and seeing the remainder of the open top with bright light. 

7. A tree is on fire.

8. A finger is impaled by a nail. 

9. Numerous maggots bound together before turning into a picture with many humans overlapping in water. 

10. A millipede walks from under a table where there was a glass of water and a chair next to the table. 

11. The behind of a goat is shown. 

12. A close up on a horse's eye 

13. The top of the well being closed by a lid again and seeing the remainder of the open top with bright light. 

14. Seven detached human fingers in a box that are twitching. 

15. The tree is again shown on fire. 

16. Anna Morgan is turning around and frowning looking at Samara when it looks like she's looking at the viewer. 

17. The carcasses of dead horses on the beach. 

18. Anna Morgan on the cliff slowly falling off to commit suicide. 

19. The ladder falls down to the ground and the lid on the well is completely closed.

20. The well Samara's corpse is in is shown. This is the most significant picture of the tape. 

The Ring - Cursed Video Tape (ORIGINAL - STRAIGHT FROM MOVIE)01:26

The Ring - Cursed Video Tape (ORIGINAL - STRAIGHT FROM MOVIE)


The Ring (2002)

16-year-old Katie Embry and 17-year-old Becca Kotler discuss a supposedly cursed videotape while home alone at Katie's house. According to legend, those who watch the tape will die in seven days. Katie reveals that, seven days before, she went to a cabin at Shelter Mountain Inn with friends, where she viewed the video tape. The girls laugh it off, but after a series of strange occurrences in the next few minutes, involving a television in the house turning itself on, Katie dies mysteriously and horrifically while Becca watches, leading to Becca's institutionalization in a mental hospital.

The Ring 2

Katie Embry's distorted body after being killed by Samara.

Katie's 9-year-old cousin, Aidan, is visibly affected by the death. After Katie's funeral, Ruth Embry asks her sister Rachel, Aidan's mother and a journalist, to investigate Katie's death, which leads her to the cabin where Katie watched the tape. Rachel finds and watches the tape; the phone rings, and she hears a child's voice say "seven days", upsetting Rachel. The next day, Rachel calls Noah, an ex-boyfriend (who also happens to be Aidan's father), to show him the video and asks for his assistance based upon his media-related skills. He asks her to make a copy for further investigation, which she does, but later takes it home herself. To Rachel's horror, she discovers Aidan watching the copy a few days later.

Samara staring directly at Noah, moments before killing him by frightening him to death.

After viewing the tape, Rachel begins experiencing nightmares, nose bleeds, and surreal situations (for instance, when she pauses a section of the tape in which a fly runs across the screen, she is able to pluck the fly from the monitor). Increasingly anxious about getting to the origin of the tape, Rachel investigates images of a woman seen in the tape. Using a video lab, she discovers images in the tape's overscan area, which through further research she discovers to be a lighthouse located on Moesko Island. It also turns out that the tape's overscan does not include time code, which hints that the tape was not made using electronic equipment. The woman turns out to be Anna M

organ, who lived on the island in Washington, many years prior with her husband Richard. Rachel discovers that, after bringing home an adopted daughter, tragedy befell the Morgan ranch – the horses raised on the ranch went mad and killed themselves, which in turn supposedly had caused Anna (who loved her horses) to become depressed and commit suicide. Rachel goes to the Morgan house and finds Richard, who refuses to talk about the video or his daughter and sends Rachel away. A local doctor tells Rachel that Anna could not carry a baby to term and adopted a child named Samara. Dr. Grasnik recounts that Anna soon

Samara in Eola Psychiatric Hospital before she died.

complained about gruesome visions that only happened when Samara was around, so both were sent to a mental institution. While Rachel is investigating on Moesko Island, Noah is investigating the institution, where he finds Anna's file and discovers that there was a video of Samara, but the video is missing. Back at the ranch, Rachel sneaks back to the Morgan house where she discovers the missing video, watches it, and is confronted by Richard who says that the girl was evil. He then electrocutes himself in the bathtub, sending Rachel running out of the room screaming.

Noah arrives and, with Rachel, goes to the barn to discover an attic where Samara was kept by her father. Behind the wallpaper they discover an image of a tree seen on the tape, which grows near the Shelter Mountain Inn. At the inn, they discover a well underneath the floor, in which Rachel finds Samara's body, experiencing a vision of how her mother pushed her into it. Rachel notifies the authorities, and gives Samara a proper burial.

Rachel informs Aidan that they will no longer be troubled by Samara. However, Aidan is horrified, telling his mother she had freed her body, and that Samara "never sleeps". In his apartment, Noah's TV turns on, revealing an image in which a decaying Samara crawls from the well and out of the TV into the room. Horrified, Noah trips backward and tries to crawl away from Samara. Samara faces him, exposes her true face and stares directly at him, killing him with fear, which Rachel discovers after racing to his apartment and seeing his face distorted like Katie's was. Upon returning to her apartment, Rachel destroys and burns the original tape. Wondering why she had not died like the others, she remembers that she made a copy of the tape. She soon notices the copy of the tape underneath the couch. Rachel realizes the only way to escape and save Aidan is to have him copy the tape and show it to someone else, continuing the cycle. Rachel helps Aidan copy the tape, who asks her what is going to happen to the person they give the tape to. She does not respond as a shot of the well is shown in the tape. Then the screen goes to black static and ends with a few pictures from the tape.

The Ring 2 (2005)

Approximately six months after the events of the first movie, Rachel Keller and her son Aidan have moved from Seattle to the quiet coastal community of Astoria, Oregon. Rachel begins a new job at the Daily Astorian, a local newspaper, working for Max Rourke. Before long, there is news of a teenage homicide in town. Rachel investigates, finding the dead boy's face shows a deformed expression of horror just like the previous victims of Samara Morgan's cursed tape. Upon finding the boy's corpse, she also has a vision of Samara grabbing her and declaring "I found you." After that she goes to the police station in order to talk to the girl who witnessed the boy's death and after persuading the girl to tell her she finds out where the tape is. She takes the tape deep into the woods and burns it.

Samara Morgan, in The Ring 2 (2005)

Aidan has a dream in which he comes down to the T.V. room without Rachel home, and is pulled into the screen by Samara when the videotape starts. Back at home, Aidan starts to develop hypothermia, and his body is suddenly covered with bruises. At a county fair, Aidan takes pictures of himself in the bathroom mirror, with a blurred Samara standing behind him. His behavior grows increasingly odd and distant, and whilst driving back from the fair, the car carrying Aidan and Rachel is repeatedly attacked by a deer, nearly killing them. This event was apparently mysteriously foreseen by Aidan who has been, who warned Rachel of impending danger seconds before the deer came out of nowhere. Strange occurrences within their house (including visions of Samara, a burn mark in the wall which resembles the tree from the cursed video, and seeming poltergeist activity) frighten Rachel, leading her and Aidan to flee. Rachel subsequently asks Max if he can take care of the increasingly sick Aidan at his house.

Max says that Aidan's condition merits a trip to the hospital, but Rachel, knowing that his illness is unnatural, is adamant that traditional doctors cannot help him. When Rachel attempts to give Aidan (who suddenly develops a mysterious fear of water) a warm bath at Max's, a series of paranormal events leads to Rachel seeing Aidan's body replaced by Samara. Max walks in when she attempts to drown Samara, and sees her trying to drown Aidan instead. Suspicious, he insists on taking Aidan to the hospital against her wishes, stating, "You wanted my help, now you're getting it."

Based on the bruises on Aidan's body, the hospital staff, particularly psychiatrist Dr. Emma Temple, suspect child abuse on Rachel's part, because Rachel reveals she suffered from postpartum depression, and won't allow her to be near her son. Desperate for answers, Rachel flees the hospital and travels to Seattle to dig deeper into Samara's past. Knowing that Samara was not Richard and Anna Morgan's biological child, she tracks down Samara's birth mother, Evelyn, who tried to drown Samara as an infant and has been living in a mental institution ever since. Meanwhile, Samara (in Aidan's body) inflicts a psychic assault on Dr. Temple, forcing Dr. Temple to commit suicide so that Samara (in Aidan's body) can escape the hospital.

Evelyn advises Rachel to "listen to her baby" when she seeks advice on how to deal with Samara. Max goes to Rachel's house to check on her, only to find Aidan watching TV alone. He attempts to surreptitiously capture Aidan on film in order to reveal Samara, as Aidan had before Samara possessed/hypnotized him. Aidan/Samara notices the camera. When Rachel returns home, she finds Max's car parked outside and his dead body inside with the same warped expression of Samara's other victims. Disturbed and unsure of what to do, Rachel then goes inside to face her possessed son.

Rachel tells Aidan/Samara that he should go to sleep. Aidan responds that he never sleeps. She suggests she make him something to eat. Rachel goes into the kitchen, preparing two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. On one sandwich, she puts sleeping medication, intended to make Aidan unconscious. After eating the sandwich, Aidan soon falls asleep.

Rachel fills the upstairs bathtub with water and holds an unconscious Aidan underwater. Samara's spirit leaves his body, and Rachel is then able to revive him. However, Samara attempts to come back into the house through the TV set. Rachel grabs onto Samara as she is emerging, and is pulled into Samara's well inside the world of the cursed video. Looking up, Rachel realizes that the well lid is always left open, which allowed Samara to escape and go into the real world to kill her victims. Rachel begins climbing the side of the well. Halfway up, Samara emerges from the water below and also ascends in a very inhuman fashion. As Rachel is climbing out of the well, Samara grabs her leg. Rachel manages to shake her off and then causes a jet of water to come out of the side of the well. Samara loses her grip and falls back down the well, however, she begins climbing again at a rapid rate. Rachel climbs out of the well just as Samara cries '"Mommy!"' in a deep voice. Rachel responds angrily that she's not her mother and pushes the lid shut just as Samara is about to escape, seemingly trapping her in the well permanently. It is presumed that her cursed tape had finally stopped as Samara couldn't climb out of the well anymore to kill her victims.

As Rachel wanders the monochromatic world of the cursed tape, she hears Aidan's voice and walks toward it, only to come to the cliff where Anna jumped to her death. She hears Aidan calling her name below. Determined to follow Aidan's voice, Rachel jumps off the cliff and ends up back in her living room with Aidan, where they embrace. Aidan calls Rachel '"Mommy"', and she asks him to just call her Rachel. The film ends when the camera then views the street and the sky, where a crescent moon can still be seen. The film then flickers out.

Ella Presenta

Ella, the fan version of Samara Morgan


Ella is a fan character whose appearence is based on Samara Morgan. She was made for the M.U.G.E.N. engine by the creator AIDUZZI as a horror-type character, with bloody moves that resemble some horror movie characters. She is very strong and can use chainsaws, knives, firearms, cursed teddy bears, cursed crows, her claws, alongside her own fighting skills.


  • It is highly likely that Samara inherited her supernatural abilities from her biological father as she managed to manipulate and control the movement of water despite the fact that she was aquaphobic (fear of water).
  • Samara's name means "protected by God" in Hebrew, hinting that her biological father is indeed from a supernatural realm. One of her victims' name was Noah and Noah is of Hebrew origin as well and Noah is a well-known character in the Bible who suffered in a great flood (a nod to the major theme of water in the films) and was one of the victims forced to endure the wrath of God, in contrast to Samara's name.
  • Although both Samara and her Japanese counterpart have similar tragic backstories, Samara is far less sympathetic than Sadako as after her tragedy, she continued to kill and never wanted to fix her mistakes unlike Sadako, who attempted to revert to her kind-hearted persona. Even when one of the protagonists try to help Samara (e.g. when Rachel sacrificed her safety to be her mother), Samara will often refuse it and continue to be the deranged psychopath that she unfortunately became.
  • Another theory about how Samara killed her victims is that she mentally projects all the horror from her life and the cursed videotape into the victim's mind in a short amount of time, which literally blows their mind to the point that their faces and eventually bodies become bloated and distorted. This is why a series of images from the cursed tape is shown briefly, followed by static, before he/she dies.

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