Dr. Samantha Stevens
Samantha Stevens was the main villainess from "Can't Keep a Dead Man Down," a two-part episode of She Wolf of London.

She was played by Sally Faulkner.

Dr. Samantha Stevens was Ian Matheson's department head, but in Part 1, she chastised Ian over the publishing of his book, "Satan's Sex Slaves," and later fired him. Later in the episode, Samantha is revealed as an evil witch who was controlling a horde of zombies; a dark secret that Ian and Randi Wallace discover when they see the zombies enter a cave. Samantha catches Ian and Randi and then details her plan to control all of the dead by using the staff of Gilgamesh, which isn't complete. She only captured two bolts, and the staff needs a third, which Samantha plans to have the zombies steal from a museum. Samantha laughed evilly and ordered the zombies to capture the escaping pair, but a fire breaks out in the process, and she was believed to have perished. However, the evil Samantha resurfaced with a disfigured face from the fire and stabbed Ian to death.

In Part 2, Samantha revived Ian as a zombie and forced him to help retrieve the third bolt to complete her plan. She later takes Randi and performs a sacrifice, doing so by killing her with a stab to her heart. Randi shifts to her werewolf form while dying, and Ian retrieves the staff after it reaches full power, regaining his life force. Samantha ends up killed by Werewolf Randi, who claws out her midsection, and Ian takes Samantha's life force with the staff and uses it to revive Randi.