Evil Samantha Orland

The evil Samantha Orland

Samantha Orland is the main villainess from Backstrom's second episode, "Bella."

She was played by Angelique Cabral.

Samantha Orland is an arson investigator with a dark and twisted secret: she's an arsonist. She gets so turned on by the sight of fire that she started burning down houses, which she did while working in Seattle under the same position. Once she reached Portland, the evil Samantha continued her fiendish activities, even burning down a house that actually had people inside. To cover her tracks, Samantha falsified the reports and hired Backstrom to work on the case. Samantha is caught by Backstrom, Gravely, and Mojo, when she's parked in front of another house that she intends to burn. During the interrogation, flammable chemicals are found in Samantha's trunk and she is later arrested and charged with arson.