Saman is the Luminon of the Order Church in Germany and is the main antagonist of the game Deus Ex: Invisible War. He's the Grand Master and Leader of the Knights Templar in 2072 and currently leads the secret society in their quest to destroy all augmentations and "purify" humanity.

Character Bio

Saman is first introduced in the game as the Luminon (regional leader) of the Order Church based in Germany and is in charge of all Order Church temples and services throughout all of Germany. Saman is also the leader of a fundimentalist faction of the church and has been threatening to lead his faction in seceding from the church beliveing that Her Holyness had strayed away from the original message of the church and is seen in constant debate with Order Church officials over his claim. Saman leads a double life as well as he is the secret Grand Master (leader) of the Knights Templar, an organization that he had rebuilt and reformed after The Collapse and has access to vast gold reserves. Saman is then seen leading his followers as he leads all the Order Church members from Germany in his crusade where he claims that the church has lost its original roots and they must now rebuild it and he begins to assemble a brand new army for the upcoming war.