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With all this information, you'd think by now, you'd realize "It's all destiny! It's all cosmic!" We're leading you, to where we want you to be. You're a warrior for us, Michael, for the Persopheliams. Not The Arkn, and certainly not The Dekn. You aren't neutral, and you aren't without side. You're with us.. The one true good side.
~ Samael to Michael Knight

Samael Crow was originally a powerful Arkn Lord representing Death, however, he defected from the Arkn, and became a powerful Dekn Lord corresponding with .Reality, as well as Mind, Madness, and Possession.



Initially the Arkn Lord of Death, Samael betrayed the Arkn Lords and fled to join the Persopheliams. the creators of .Reality. It's unknown as of now what led him to this decision, but as a Persopheliam, he donned the title 'Persophelus Crow'.

Michael's Camera

With Ellpagg's absence, Crow attaches himself to Michael Knight as his new guardian, and appears at first as a soft-spoken individual. When Michael tries to interact with his new guardian, Crow decides to use Michael's body for as long as possible in order to hunt for Arkn. Due to Michael's reluctance to this decision, Crow tries activating a relic, but Ellpagg returns and intervenes by sending Michael on a relapse. Presumably, Crow is detatched as his guardian, and fails at becoming the Dekn form of an ArkAngel. This wouldn't have worked anyways, as it was later revealed Michael was never an Arkangel to begin with, but was thought to be from manipulations by The Carver.


  • He is one of the Four Persopheliams, the others being Clubs, Redgrave, and Vine.