That's what you get for trying to be a hero, Clark. You're a pretty smart boy, but you forget I've been doing this a long time. [...] Did you really think that you could double-cross me? Clark, my job is about scenarios. You never enter a crack house with one plan; you go in with ten! That's how you survive. The truth is, kid...YOU! DIDN'T LEAVE ME WITH A LOT OF OPTIONS! [...] You complicate my life? I'm gonna complicate yours!
~ Phelan ranting at Clark, "Rogue"

Sam Phelan is a one-shot villain appearing in the first season of the television series Smallville.

He is portrayed by Cameron Dye.

Phelan was a detective working for the Metropolis Police Department. At the behest of Lionel Luthor, he helped Lex Luthor out of tight spots in the past, namely an altercation at Club Zero in which Jude Royce was shot and killed.

Phelan first appears in "Rogue," where he witnesses Clark Kent use his powers to prevent a bus from crashing into a homeless man sleeping on a bus stop bench. He travels to Smallville and sets a trap for Clark so as to catch him using his powers, then tries to blackmail Clark into helping him with an Internal Affairs investigation. Jonathan Kent meets with Phelan and tells him to stay away from Clark. Phelan refuses and threatens to expose Clark's secret to the world, prompting an angry response from Jonathan. Later, Phelan corners Clark on the street and persuades him to accompany him to Metropolis.

The two of them arrive outside an Internal Affairs official's apartment building, and Phelan tells Clark to break into the official's vault and retrieve confidential files, promising to never contact Clark again. Clark goes into the apartment, rips out the vault, and dumps it on Phelan's car, then calls the police. As the police arrive, Clark hands Phelan the file he's looking for and super-speeds away. Phelan, however, turns the tables and frames Clark's father for the murder of an informant. When confronted by an angry Clark, he tells Clark he'll drop the charges against Jonathan if Clark helps him one more time.

Later, Phelan picks up Clark, and they go to the Metropolis Museum, where Phelan informs Clark he's there to collect his "retirement package," namely the jewels decorating Alexander the Great's chest plate. He has Clark disable the security alarms, and they enter the museum, but Clark outwits him. Phelan tries shooting at Clark, who dodges the bullets and super-speeds away, leaving Phelan to deal with the police, who shoot him. When Lex arrives and asks to know what happened, Phelan tells him "Go to Hell, Luthor" before dying.


You see this? I'm the only reason you're not in a cage right now. Now you get into the IA, and you get me those files. [...] You've got twenty-four hours to get creative. Start thinking.
~ Phelan, to a man, "Rogue"
Afternoon, Lex. Or is it "Mr. Luthor" here in Smallville?
~ Phelan, to Lex, "Rogue"
When does it happen, Lex? [...] When do you turn on the people that help you? How many times did I pull you back from the edge? You'd be dead right now if it wasn't for me.
~ Phelan, to Lex, "Rogue"
You have a good life here, Lex. I'd sure hate to see that get compromised.
~ Phelan, to Lex, "Rogue"
Kid, I don't know what they've been feeding you, but that was pretty impressive. Not quite as exciting as last night, but I wanted to be sure.
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
I am your new best friend, Clark.
~ Phelan, introducing himself to Clark, "Rogue"
That's the beauty of a small town--everybody's just so eager to help. Far cry from Metropolis.
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
You see, Clark, I'm in a battle that I can't afford to lose because if I do, well, the bad guys win. And you have this gift that I need.
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
You have a secret you don't want the world to know about; I'm guessing that's why you didn't stick around for the TV cameras last night. You want to keep things that way, you'll do like I say.
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
Nice catch.
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
Look around you, Mr. Kent. You know what you see? The veneer of safety. Now, people like me are sworn to protect that. I'm the guy standing between criminals and respectable citizens like yourself. Now, Clark has a gift and I would like to use his talents to further my cause.
~ Phelan making his case to Jonathan, "Rogue"
Of course, if you don't agree, I will tell the world what I know. Best case, Clark's under a microscope. Worst case, he's a freak in a jar. Either way, his normal life is over.
~ Phelan threatening Jonathan, "Rogue"
Easy there, Mr. Kent. We were just talking. You know, if I were you, I'd learn to keep that temper in check. It could get you in a lot of trouble.
~ Phelan, to Jonathan after he violently attacks him in the Beanery, "Rogue"
Your father came to see me. He seemed like a really good man, always putting his family first. You know, if I were you, I'd start thinking like him.
~ Phelan, convincing Clark to come with him, "Rogue"
You want to know the biggest obstacle to my job, Clark? It's not the perps; it's the bureaucracy. How am I supposed to fight crime with one hand tied behind my back?
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
What is it, Clark? You wanna kill me? You think that's the answer to your problems?
~ Phelan taunting Clark as the latter pushes him against a wall, "Rogue"
Well, then, we both want something. Only you have a lot more to lose.
~ Phelan to Clark, "Rogue"
Clark, you may not care about yourself, but think about your parents. Now, your father's in jail on a murder charge. Whether he beats it or not, he's gonna lose this farm just paying legal fees. I can still make all that go away. So, what's it gonna be?
~ Phelan, to Clark, "Rogue"
Clark, I'm getting pretty bored with this. You want your old life back, you do it.
~ Phelan, when Clark hesitates to open the security junction box, "Rogue"
Kid, show me the magic.
~ Phelan to Clark, "Rogue"
We are gonna make a great team.
~ Phelan, making it clear he's not going to leave Clark alone, "Rogue"
You might be strong, but you're not bulletproof!
~ Phelan, before attempting to shoot Clark, "Rogue"
Go to Hell, Luthor.
~ Phelan's last words, "Rogue"
You really put your foot in it this time.
~ To Lex, in a flashback, "Zero"