Are you dizzy, blood?

Sam Peel is the main antagonist in Kidulthood and protagonist in Adulthood and Brotherhood he is portrayed by Noel Clarke.


Sam is a school bully in Kidulthood and he gets revenge on Jay, Trevor and Moony for knocking his mum to the floor. He beats up Trevor and hits him with a baseball bat he gets send to jail. Sam appears in Adulthood and Brotherhood but as the protagonist he changed and is not the person he was in Kidulthood.


Sam is the main antagonist in Kidulthood he is a school bully and steals a Gameboy from Jay, Trevor and Moony the boys try to retrieve it they steal Sam's cannabis and Jay has sex with his girlfriend Claire. Sam returns and threatens the boys with his bat until Trevor hits him with a keyboard and the boys attack him. They then escape along with Claire while they knock Sam's mum to the floor and Sam gets revenge. Trevor arrives at the party he finds Alisa and confesses he loves her Alisa said she never slept with Sam and that the baby belongs to Trevor. Sam arrives and beats up Trevor with a baseball bat he picks up a the bat and hits Trevor. he gets back into his car and drives away Trevor dies before the ambulance and police arrived Sam gets sent to jail.


Sam appears but as the protagonist he was sent to jail for 6 years for killing Trevor he is released from jail. during the course the film it is revealed that Sam's changed dramatically and not the person he was 6 years ago. he has seen his mistakes and is still haunted by his crime on way home Sam is attacked by Jay. Sam realizes that Jay is just like he was 6 years ago and cannot bring himself to commit murder. Safe in the knowledge that Jay is not really dangerous, he leaves the fight. As all this happens, Sam, having nowhere to go, wanders aimlessly through the streets. He finds that Lexi has left a message on his phone asking him to spend time with her, and makes his way to her flat. He struggles to get there due to all the injuries he received during the past day, though he manages to make it to Lexi's flat, and the two smile as he enters.


Sam appears but as the protagonist Sam is facing up to the new world he realizes it also comes with new problems and new challenges that he must face that he knows will require old friends to help him survive new dangers.