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Salvatore Valestra

Full Name
Salavatore Valestra
Batman:Mask of the Phantasm
Mob Leader
Powers / Skills
Underworld connections
Making mob deals
Kill Batman
Type of Villain
Crime Lord

Salvatore Valestra is mob boss of Gotham who was powerful before Batman's arrival. He had a gang that consists of mobsters. He is one of the villains in the film Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm.


Before Batman

Prior to the arrival of Batman, Sal ruled Gotham with an iron fist. He had Chuckie Sol and Buzz Bronski as his enforcers. A man named Carl Beaumont didn't pay them back for loaning them and Sal made threats. Carl promises to give the money in 24 hour and Sal agrees. Carl left to the Mediterrenean and manage to send the money. Sal later realized Carl embezzeled a fortune and sent a hitman to kill him. The hit was successful due to Arthur Reeves who gave them the information.

Final Moments

Years later, a vigilante named the Batman came into Gotham and pressured the Sal's business along with
Poisoned Valestra

Salvatore Valestra poisoned by Joker's venom.

Comissioner Gordon. His hitman became white faced, green haired man and his enforcers were killed by Phantasm and most of his friends are gone.

Salvatore went to the last person who could help him, the notorious criminal and former hitman, the Joker. He offered the Joker five million dollars to kill Batman but the Joker was not interested. Sal made a big mistake by grabbing the Joker's shirt and getting angry at him. The Joker gleefelly assured Sal that he would take care of all his problems and that no would hurt his old pal Sal. The Joker later killed Sal by using his toxin and used the mob lord's body as bait. The Joker found the killer was not Batman but Andrea Beaumont using the identity as the Phantasm to kill the mob for killing her father.


  • Valestra was mentioned in The New Batman Adventures.

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