Cummings you are not in a position to say such things. Before you open your big mouth again you better think of Mr. Gallano!
~ Mistretta on Cummings refusal to handle drugs through his port facilities.

Salvatore Mistretta was a villain in the 1975 movie Mitchell. He was portrayed by Morgan Paull

Mistretta was a mobster in the Los Angeles, California area. He was the cousin of Tony Gallano - one of the main mafia figures in the area. In 1975 working with his contacts in Mexico and corrupt union lawyer Walter Deaney arranged the hijacking of shipment of heroin, and had them shipped to the United States via cargo ship to port facilities owned by James Arthur Cummings.

Learning of the hijacking of the drugs by the cop Mitchell Cummings did not want the drugs to come in through his facility, fearing that Mitchell would stumble upon the drugs. Cummings told Mistretta to have the drugs go elsewhere. Mistretta insisted, and when Cummings still refused Mistretta went to Gallano to complain that Cummings was not being cooperative. Galano arranged a meeting with Cummings, and reminded him of his earlier 1963 agreement to take on assignments in the future. Cummings still refused to handle the shipment when it came in.

Mistretta sent some of his soldiers to harass Cummings. Cummings sought out assistance in dealing with Mistretta from his friends, but they all refused upon learning that Gallano was involved in the whole deal.

Tiring of the harassment from both the mafia and Mitchell Cummings eventually agreed to let the drugs come in through his port, but let Mitchell in on the plot so that Mitchell would be in position to arrest both Mistretta and Gallano. Cummings double crossed Mitchell by calling Mistretta and letting him know that the driver bringing him the hijacked smack was Mitchell. Cummings then double crossed Mistretta again by calling the police and letting them know Mitchell was heading into a trap.

After arriving Mistretta revealed that he knew that Mitchell was a cop and that he intended to kill Mitchell. After blowing up the car he came in as a distraction, Mitchell was able to escape. With police reinforcements arriving Mitchell was able to kill Mistretta in the ensuing shootout.