Salvatore Matacio
Salvatore Matacio is a crime boss and the main antagonist of the Walker: Texas Ranger episode, A Father's Image.  He is played by Dan Lauria.

At the beginning of the episode, Salvatore is letting his 10-year-old son, Nicholas, play with his favorite race car and then gives him a detonator.  He forces Nicholas to press the button which blows up his race car.  Nicholas gets upset while his father tells him to not get attached to things.  Two thugs then abduct Nicholas but Bobbie Hunt fights the two. Bobbie then rescues Nicholas and introduces herself as Ms. Justin. As thanks, Salvatore gives Bobbie a job as Nicholas' tutor.  As the three leave the two thugs are revealed to be both Walker and Trivette getting ready for an operation to put Salvatore behind bars, with Bobbie's mission to get to Salvatore's computer to hack for information.

During his lesson's, Nicholas is sent to the library for a special lesson from Salvatore.  He tells Nicholas to jump off a book ladder and Salvatore said he'd catch him.  Salvatore forces him to jump and once Nicholas jumps, Salvatore lets his son hit the floor, with Bobbie looking horrified.  Salvatore explains that he wants his son to toughen up so he could take over his business and to trust no one. 

Later that day, Bobbie tries to explain the emotional damage Salvatore was doing to his son.  Salvatore says that Nicholas was a square-one wuss because of his ex-wife.

During this time, Walker tries to convince Dana Brower, Salvatore's ex-wife, to help him get information.  Dana refuses in fear of Salvatore.  However, Salvatore decides to have his ex-wife killed so Nicholas would have no one else to turn to.  He even orders her murder in front of his son and threatens Nicholas to forget what he heard.  The murder attempt is foiled by Walker and she decides to help.

Bobbie soon gets to the computer while Salvatore learns she is a cop.  Bobbie defeats Salvatore's second wife in hand-to-hand combat but Salvatore and his men corner her in the computer room.  Nicholas tries to help her only to get smacked by his father, reminding him not to get attached to anything.  Walker and Trivette get into Salvatore's mansion and fight his goons and defeat Salvatore himself who drops his gun which Nicholas picks up.  Salvatore asks Nicholas for the gun but Nicholas gives it to Walker.  Salvatore screams at Nicholas saying he trusted him.  All Nicholas says is "Yeah Dad!  I trusted you too!" , reflecting what Salvatore did to him with the ladder.  Salvatore then realizes that he has now lost his son's respect and has nothing.  With all the evidence against him, he either got the death penalty or life imprisonment.