Salvatore Maroni is the most powerful Mafia boss in Gotham City who appears as a major antagonist in the 2008 movie The Dark Knight. He was a member of the Falcone crime family who takes over the family upon Falcone's incarceration. Due to Batman's actions, Maroni partners with Gambol and The Chechen to decide what to do next.

He is portrayed by Eric Roberts who played The Master in the Dr. Who movie.


Sal was the only son of Luigi Maroni, Don of the Maroni crime family and grew up in the care of the Maroni family. The Maronis battled for control of Gotham with the ruling family, the Falcones. That changed once Luigi died and Sal inherited his mob and slowly rose to prominence in Gotham's underworld and take over it once Falcone met his end.

The Dark Knight

He forms an alliance with Chechen and Gambol to fight Batman and Harvey Dent. In a meeting with Gotham's underworld, Sal and his cronies were confronted by the madman Joker who himself offers to murder the Batman for half of all their money, but the mob refuses; they change their decision after Batman captures Lau in Hong Kong and delivers him to the Gotham police. Mr. Lau's testimony allows Dent to put all the mobsters in Gotham on trial, but as one of the bosses Maroni is able to make bail. Maroni is next seen when he is being interrogated by Batman above a club hours after the apparent murder of Lieutenant James Gordon. Despite Batman breaking one of his legs by throwing him off a building, Maroni does not disclose the Joker's whereabouts, instead lecturing Batman about letting people die by not turning himself in to the Joker. Later in the film after countless people and several city officials have been killed and Dent badly scarred because of the Joker, Maroni realizes that joining forces with the Joker has created more chaos than he can handle and he tells Gordon the Joker's location.

He is interrogated by a scarred Harvey "Two-Face" later in the film, and Two-Face shoots the driver of his limo, causing it to flip over. Maroni's status after this is unknown, though he is presumed deceased, as he wasn't wearing his seatbelt.


  • Maroni appears in the animated feature Gotham Knight but is not related to the movie. 
  • In the comics, Maroni is the one responsible for scarring Harvey Dent and causing him to become Two-Face.


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