Saltim the Crow

Saltim is a boss in the videogame Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He is a Crow that has taken the form of a circus monkey.

Saltim is one of the Crow generals sent by Dark Raven to take over one of the key areas of Morning Land, and was tasked with taking over Circus Park. Saltim and his minions captured Circus Park and imprisoned its elder in a golden egg. After this, Saltim took refuge in the circus tent.

When Billy came through, Saltim sent his minions in an attempt to stop Billy, but Billy managed to fight through his minions and release the elder, and then made his way through the circus tent to confront Saltim.

Saltim fought by hiding in the mirrors which surrounded the arena and his main attack was juggling multi-colored balls at Billy. Besides possessing a mirror and trying to suck Billy into it, Saltim could also duplicate himself to confuse the hero.

Despite Saltim's best efforts, he was defeated by Billy and light was returned to Circus Park.

Saltim appears later on, during the boss battle with Dark Corvo as a shadow clone. Saltim's shadow clone attacked by throwing volleys of bombs at Billy.

Saltim is the fifth boss, the previous boss is Moles, and the next boss is Dark Corvo.