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Salt is one of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, the Spice Boys. He has red skin and is the smallest of the Spice Boys. He often fights alongside Mustard. He appeared only in the anime, and Salt is far stronger then Gohan is and he faster then Gohan is to and Salt can punch kick harder then Gohan can and Salt can move so fast that Gohan can't find out where he is. Salt knew that Gohan's weak point is his stomach. Salt and Mustard killed a few innocent people after Garlic Jr. escaped the Dead Zone. At Kami's Lookout, Salt beats up Gohan. Salt starts off with Salt and Gohan taking their stances and looking at each other. Then, Salt jumps slightly into the air and uses Super Speed to vanish from sight. He then reappears and swiftly punches Gohan across the face.

Salt elbowed gohan in the stomach

Salt elbowing Gohan in the stomach.

After he punches Gohan, Salt then proceeds to punch him in the mouth and then after he punch's Gohan in the mouth, Salt then proceeds to elbow him in the stomach constantly , which sends Gohan crashing to the ground. Eventually Salt is literally mopping the floor with Gohan, by constantly kicking him along the ground kicking him around like a soccer ball. Then, Salt begins repeatedly stamping on Gohan's stomach, with how fast he's stamping on him increasing over time. Then, as Gohan struggles to get back up, Salt mentions having a sister, saying that she could take a punch better than Gohan. and that Gohan is weak. He then grabs Gohan by his hair and say; "I think it about time I end this brat". Salt punches Gohan in the stomach constantly then Punch's Gohan in the face mouth constantly. After Gohan fell to his knees struggles in pain Salt grabs Gohan by the hair again and continues to knee him in the stomach then punches him in the back. Salt then processes by shooting an energy wave at Gohan, that would've killed him. Fortunately, Krillin jumped in front of him and took the hit. Though he survived, Gohan got angry at them and unleashed his hidden power. After blocking a deadly energy wave from Salt and Mustard, Gohan completely destroyed Salt with a Masenko.

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