Salome Agrippa is the main antagonist of the fifth season of the HBO original series: True Blood. She is portrayed by Valentina Cervi.

She is the leader of the Vampire Authority, who leads them into becoming worshippers of Lilith.


Salome is 2000 years old and is known for her Dance of the Seven Veils. Which she provided to her uncle/step-father when her mother delivered the young Salome to his bed. In her life she was the chancellor and later guardian of the Vampire Authority. After conspiring the murder of the former guardian Roman.

Salome freed Russell Edgington from imprisonment and conspired to murder Roman, the guardian of the Vampire Authority, as she saw his beliefs and actions as wrong against the ideals of the Authority.

After his death, Salome took over his position as leader of the Authority and began making them drink the blood of Lilith, causing them to have visions of her.

Salome and the Authority became formidable foes for the world, when they began bombing TruBlood factories, in an attempt to force mainstreamers to go rogue and feed on humans. She also brought Bill Compton into this as well.

After Lilith came to Salome and told her she was chosen, Salome took her blood and was going to drink it all, until she realized she had been tricked by Bill Compton, who had replaced the blood with a silver laced fake. She becomes weak and he stabs her, killing her.


  • While Salome was the main antagonist for most of the season, she is usurped by Lilith in the finale, who uses Bill Compton to reincarnate into.
  • Salome is the only primary antagonist whom never meets or interacts with Sookie. She also never travels to Bon Temps.