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Salome is the main villainess of the Conan story ''A Witch Shall Be Born''.


Salome is the name of the witches born into the Askhaurian dynasty of Khauran. The first queen of the dynasty had dealings with a "fiend of the darkness", which led her to carry his baby. A curse was placed upon the dynasty; "Every century a witch shall be born". Each of these witches were named Salome.

Many of the witches were slain at birth, while some walked the earth as witches, but none of them has been allowed to rule Khauran, as is their right by birth into the dynasty.

The only Salome known to rule Khauran did so by force. Looking remarkably alike Taramis, the real queen, wether by sorcery or by birth, she took the throne. She fooled the people of Khauran to believe that she was Tamaris, fooling almost everyone except Conan, a captain of the royal guard.

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