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Sally Whitemane is the High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade and a villain in the Warcraft franchise.


Whitemane was raised by her parents in Lordaeron and plays with her friends in Hillsbrad Foothill. Unfortunately, the undead plague swooped through Lordaeron and Sally witnesses her family was contaminated by the plague. She had no choice but to kill her parents and siblings. Years later, she joins the Scarlet Crusade in their quest to destroy the undead.

Eventually, the Crusade became more fanatical and seeks to destroy anyone that is not with them after Renault betrayed his father. Sally became the high priestess of the Scarlet Monastery with Renault Mograine as her right hand. Adventurers of both the Silver Hand and the Forsaken fought and killed the two. 

However, Whitemane survived the attack and became the leader of the Scarlet Crusade. Adventurers sent by a Mysterious Crusader managed to kill the High Inquisitor presumbly one and for all.

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