Sally O' Neil is an antagonist in the CatDog episode "Back to School". She teams up with Rancid Rabbit and Cliff to make sure Cat fails his last day at school. She also gets annoyed by Cat's antics.


Sally is an old class mate of Cat's at Neighburg School. Sally is now a teacher who always takes her job seriously and forbids any note passings at her school. She will hate people who fails to get their driver's licences.


  • Sally share similar traits with Vana Glama from Sidekick
    • Both are bullies to the hero as well as the love intrest to the hero.
    • Both are part of a leaug of the main villain (Professor Pamplemoose) and another bully (Alan Amazing) to make the hero's life miserble.
    • Both are also brainless beauties
  • Sally also share similarities with Principal Stringet from ChalkZone
    • Both are teachers who are in a leauge with the main villain (Mr. WIlter) the bully (Reggie Bullnerd) and someone who has a connection to one of the formers (Bruno Bullnerd) and dedicate their lives to making the hero's life miserble.
    • Both hate the hero's antics and has a satist gruge on him.
    • Both take there jobs seriously.
  • As well as Paddleball Camp Master from Scaredy Squirrel
    • Both are mean spirited teachers who will have the students turn against the hero.
    • Both run sucky school that don't even care about the future.
  • Sally also has similarities to Peppermint Larry from Flapjack
    • Both villain get what hey wanted (making the hero look stupid) and succeeds.
    • Both hate kids and don't even care for them