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The only thing that takes the edge off is when I can pull people under with me. Make them feel one ounce of what I feel. Then I'm not alone.
~ Sally to Iris.

Sally McKenna is a recurring antagonist in American Horror Story: Hotel portrayed by Sarah Paulson (who had also portrayed Mary Epps in 12 Years a Slave).


Hypodermic Sally lives in the Hotel Cortez. She is a drug addict who will stop for nothing in order to satisfy her needs. She is an adversary of Iris and a mean and selfish person. But she is also like a broken rag doll. Gabriel tells John to find her. He asks her but she doesn't say anything. However, he arrests her after trying to edit one of the commandments which he finds offensive, opprobrious, disrespectful, and vituperative. Sally has believed John is the love of her life, but her goal is for John to die in the Hotel.



  • She is the first Sarah Paulson character of American Horror Story who is a villain.
  • She is the first Sarah Paulson character whose death has been seen on the show outside of a fantasy.
  • Her story is an allusion to Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, murdered in 1978. Also, her appearance was inspired by Chloe Webb into the biopic movie "Sid and Nancy".