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The Salivians

The Salivians are the antagonists in CatDog episode, Spaced Out, appearing in Mean Bob in Space, Part 12. They are aliens who are Mean Bob's enemies.


CatDog accidentally sent into the film reel. The Princess Kitaen was kidnapped and imprisoned by The Salivians, and CatDog are promised to rescue her. The Salivian ship has ambushed CatDog and shoots the ship. Cat swallows the Red Hot Lip Smackers and uses Dog to shoot the hot snacks at the Salivian ships, which they are destroyed and retreating.

CatDog entered at the asteroid and found a large fortress. They disguised themselves as Salivians to go past them. Dog speaks fluent Salivian and he replied the Salivians so they can proceed. Dog inadvertently spokes English to the Salivians saying "Have a nice day", which CatDog's cover is blown. The Salivians chases after CatDog, and Catdog attacks them by counter them with their slingshot trick. At the dungeon, CatDog finally rescued Princess Kitaen.

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