The Salivians

The Salivians are the antagonists in the CatDog episode Spaced Out, appearing in Mean Bob in Space, Part 12. They are aliens who are Mean Bob's enemies.


The Salivians are green aliens wear a metal space helmet and brownish gold space suite and black boots.


CatDog gets accidentally sucked into the film "Mean Bob in Space Part 12", and Cat inadvertently throws Mean Bob out of his ship by pressing the wrong buttons, and the ship alerted the Salivian near by, and Dog starts to fight with them. A call from Princess Kitaen who was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Salivians, and CatDog are promised to rescue her. The Salivian ship has ambushed CatDog and shoots the ship, and Cat decided to fight with the Salivians, but Dog says that they're out of ammo. Cat figured out an idea, he swallows the Red Hot Lip Smackers and uses Dog to shoot the hot snacks at the Salivian ships, which they are on fire and retreating.

CatDog entered at the asteroid and found a large fortress, they distract one Salivian by throwing a stone to make the Salivian find out what cause that sound. Then CatDog spins around the Salivian's head making it dizzy and knocked out unconscious. They disguised themselves as Salivians to go past them, and Dog speaks fluent Salivian and he replied the Salivians so they can proceed. Dog inadvertently spokes English to the Salivians saying "Have a nice day", which CatDog's cover is blown. The Salivians chases after CatDog, and CatDog attacks them by counter them with their slingshot trick. At the dungeon, CatDog finally rescued Princess Kitaen.